Dulux Select Decorator wins award for helping community through lockdown


A Dulux Select Decorator has won an award for his selfless acts of kindness throughout lockdown.

Sean Kelly, 52, has spent lockdown delivering hundreds of meals and food parcels to those who need them most as a volunteer for the OneVision Project in and around his hometown of Watford, Herts.

Now, his admirable efforts have been recognised with an industry On The Tools High-Viz Hero award.

The awards celebrate construction workers, subcontractors, tools and equipment manufacturers and construction companies from across the UK.

Sean said: “A lot of people have been going through extremely difficult times over the last few months, so I’m just happy to bring some recognition to the OneVision Project and the amazing work that they do.

“It feels great to receive this award and I just hope I inspire some more people to get out and help their communities in times like these.”

Sean signed up to volunteer three days a week shortly after lockdown restrictions were put in place. OneVision partners with local restaurants and charities to provide meals and food parcels for those who need them.

He explained: “We’re all working together to support those families who need it most and you can see the gratitude from the people receiving help and you just want to do more for them.”

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, Sean plans to continue working alongside OneVision.

He said: “I’ve found the whole experience incredibly moving. People still need our support so I’m going to keep helping for as long as I can.”

Dulux Select Decorators Lead, Vickie Mather, said: “We’re so incredibly proud of Sean, and the work he’s been doing for the community, he was an obvious choice to nominate for this award.

“He’s a perfect example of how our Dulux Select Decorators continue to go above and beyond through these difficult times.”

Sean’s hard work has also been recognised as part of the construction and decorating industry #TrueColours movement, launched to celebrate the acts of kindness that are taking place across the sector in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dulux Select Decorators is a group of over 575 experienced decorators who have passed a comprehensive workmanship assessment, with Dulux guaranteeing their work for two years after completion.

For more information on Dulux Select Decorators visit: www.duluxselectdecorators.co.uk.

For more information on the True Colours movement visit the #TrueColours Facebook group.

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Dulux Select Decorator wins award for helping community through lockdown