Dulux Diamond Satinwood Review

by Rachel Bates

Taken its time to use this one on site, typically this arrived and we had 8 weeks of no woodwork! (and that seriously never happens!)

This product really divided my opinion, I really wanted to Love it. But it didn’t quite hit the mark…. That’s not saying it isn’t any good. Far from it. It just wasn’t quite as nice to use as our current stock satinwood finish.

It is without doubt a good product, its opacity is good. It passed a scratch test. (which is a little irrelevant to most people, but a decorators love a good discussion about scratch tests!).

To start with it applied nicely, but it was a little hard going. I found that I had to really work the product far more than our current choice brand to avoid sags and runs. I did get sags and runs which shocked me a bit! We are trained professionals and pride ourselves in our ability to not get these! But they did happen on the first coat.

On the second coat I was a lot more aware and managed to avoid all but one! Im sure this is partly due to the fact that as a business we tend to stick to a fairly small selection of finishing products, so we get used to the ones we like and we know how they apply. I am fairly confident we would without question get this one spot on with a little more use.

I did apply over old gloss which had yellowed slightly, I did require an undercoat to ensure it was fully white. So although the opacity is nice, to get the full bodied white that we aim for I think its always best to assume you are going for 3 coats.

One of my issues is that I found is it caused my brush to twist, now on talking to other decorators they didn’t have this issue, so it may be more down to my beloved monach brush I use for woodwork is slowly deteriorating…. It may be the product… as we do all know some products give us a little grief. So the dury is still out on that one! I will update.

It did flow nicely in the areas that didn’t run, it does drag a little bit if you try to apply less to avoid, but as I said Practice may make perfect on that one.
Cost wise, I think it’s a little pricey. If it applied better I wouldn’t of mentioned it but we had a few issues.

Its not bad, its not the best but it sure isn’t the worst we have used. So overall, yes I will buy again as Its easy to pick up locally. But I wouldn’t spec it as a finish yet. It’s a back up option is we run out of our chosen stock brand.