Dulux Decorator Centre hits sustainability milestone

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Dulux Decorator Centre has successfully diverted more than half a million cans of paint away from landfill through its in-store recycling scheme.

The initiative allows professional decorators to safely and simply dispose of cans of both solvent and water-based paint – helping them to protect the environment in the process.

To-date over 670,000 cans have been recycled through the initiative, with uptake increasing between 10% and 15% year-on-year since it was established in 2015.

2019 was the busiest year yet with over 140,000 cans recycled.

The scheme’s growth has been driven by the rise in painting and decorating professionals who are committed to building and maintaining a sustainable business.

Decorators can dispose of cans simply by taking them to a Dulux Decorator Centre or with a free collection on site if they are already receiving a delivery from the store.

The Dulux Decorator Centre scheme is unique in that each returned can is attributed to the individual who returned it, which enables customers to receive an annual certificate showing what, and how much, they have recycled over the year.


It also complies with the requirements and robust standards set by the environmental regulators, including the Environment Agency in England.

Sarah Atkins, Head of Commercial at Dulux Decorator Centre, said: “We’re delighted to have reached this milestone of more than half a million cans recycled through our scheme.

“It’s part of our commitment to setting the highest standards in sustainability – and helping the trade do the same.

“It is also testament to the increasing amounts of painters and decorators who are reflecting on their own environmental impact and actively thinking about ways to reduce it – as well as the benefit these green credentials can have on their businesses.

“We want to build on this achievement and the great work undertaken by decorators by further encouraging professionals in the industry to continue to do their bit by using the scheme to dispose of their old paint cans responsibly.”

The scheme is one of the many ways Dulux Decorator Centre is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, as well as the industry’s as a whole.

The decorating merchant is the biggest contributor of paint to the Dulux-backed Community RePaint scheme, which enables people to donate usable leftover paint, which is then redistributed to benefit individuals, families, communities and charities in need at an affordable cost.

Dulux Decorator Centre also stocks a range of sustainable products including Dulux Trade Evolve Matt, which uses 35% reclaimed paint, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, as well as the new low VOC1 Dulux Trade Airsure Diamond Matt and Airsure Vinyl Matt – offering the great quality, performance and coverage that decorators need, but with a lower or equal carbon footprint2 compared to the standard formulations.


For more information on how to use the scheme and the cans that can be recycled visit: www.duluxdecoratorcentre.co.uk/can-recycling.

Anything that helps sustainability withing the industry needs to be embraced by both decorators and manufacturers alike.

One of the issues decorators working in residential properties face is disposing of empty cans. They often end up being left with a client and ultimately going to landfill, rather than being recycled.

This scheme from Dulux Decorating Centre will make it easier for a decorator to dispose of their waste in a way that doesn’t impact the environment.

The Decorators Forum UK - Dulux Decorator Centre hits sustainability milestone

Updated Dec 6, 2023 | Posted May 23, 2021 | 0 comments

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