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Dulux Decorator Centre Commits to Carbon Reduction Plan


Dulux Decorator Centre is strengthening its commitment to providing the ultimate choice of sustainable Dulux products and services – to ensure the trade can be kinder to the planet without compromising on quality.


Already a driving force in offering stand-out green solutions for the industry – with paint made with 35% recycled content to collapsible foil packaging for caulk – in a year when COP26 in Glasgow shone a spotlight on the climate challenge, the retailer is determined to continue to push boundaries to help bring positive environmental change, having already met many sustainability milestones.


Recent innovations added to the Dulux Decorator Centre range include the introduction of the Dulux Trade Airsure range which are solvent-free and 99.9% free* of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This both helps to minimise the impact on indoor air quality** while helping decorators offer clients sustainable options.


Developed through a partnership with waste management expert Veolia, the ground-breaking Dulux Trade Evolve Matt paint, available at Dulux Decorator Centre, is made from 35 percent recycled paint – resulting in the carbon footprint being lower than a standard emulsion like Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt.


Dulux Decorator Centre also has a range of accessories made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials to reduce the environmental impact of day-to-day work. Dulux have also launched a Tester Takeback pilot scheme which will go even further towards reducing both carbon, and landfill waste.


These include Flexitubs, buckets, roller trays, scuttles and liners made from recycled plastic, Forest Stewardship Council certified timber where wood is used in our products and the provision of biodegradable polyester free cleaning wipes.


In addition, the Dulux Decorator Centre in-store can recycling scheme has to-date successfully diverted more than half a million cans of paint away from landfill since its launch.


The initiative allows professional decorators to safely and simply dispose of cans of both solvent and water-based paint – and provides them with an annual certificate detailing how much they have recycled over the year.


Duncan Lochhead, Commercial Sustainability Manager at Dulux Decorator Centre, said: “We’re immensely proud of our sustainability credentials. We have a responsibility to facilitate and encourage responsible, sustainable behaviour and will do as much as we can to make sure that happens.


“It’s demonstrated in our commitment to driving innovation across all our products and services.


“Society continues to change at a rapid pace with the impact we have on the environment being an increasing concern for more and more people.


“This is shared by painters and decorators who are reflecting on their own impact and how they can drive it down – as well as the benefit these sustainable credentials can have on their businesses. It is becoming increasingly important for decorating businesses to be green.


“We are determined to continue building on the solid foundations we already have in place – by continuing to drive change in the sector – and ultimately developing and providing the products, solutions and services that make it straightforward and the natural choice to be more sustainable.”


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Everyone is worried about sustainability now, so when Dulux commits to a carbon reduction plan, we all take note. It is amazing to see one of the brand leading paint manufacturers taking huge steps towards saving our planet, and for that, I think we as decorators are thankful. Keep up the good work Dulux.

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