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Dulux boosts mental health support

Updated Oct 15, 2022 | Posted Jun 6, 2020 | Featured industry news, Industry news | 0 comments

Dulux Select Decorators has increased the range of support it offers its members to help them counter mental health challenges.

Dulux research identified how widespread these issues are within the trade – with half of all decorators admitting they have been affected by mental health issues over the past five years.*

In a bid to support those who are struggling, earlier this year Dulux Select Decorators launched a Mental Health First Aid Course for members.

To date 16 volunteers have taken up the call – supporting their colleagues by becoming Mental Health First Aiders, who provide confidential help and advice.

With the arrival of lockdown in March the challenges have become more acute – as government-imposed restrictions forced as many as 70 percent of decorators to down tools overnight.


In response, Dulux Select Decorators has partnered with the Rainy Day Trust to provide confidential professional support and services for members.

Rainy Day Trust is the only charity which exists solely to help people who have worked in the UK’s home improvement and enhancement industry, offering grants and financial support alongside training, counselling and legal services

Vickie Mather, Dulux Select Decorators Lead, says: “The wellbeing of our Dulux Select Decorators is of paramount importance to us. Our research confirmed what we already believed, which is that the trade at large is prone to mental health challenges and with the advent of lockdown we have seen many of these issues magnified.

“We are delighted that 16 of our members took up the call to be Mental Health First Aiders. They’re playing a valuable role in ensuring our community gets through these challenging times. By partnering with the Rainy Day Trust we hope to extend the support we can provide. Our message to our members is – ‘don’t suffer in silence’ – your wellbeing is important to us.”


Dulux Select Decorators is a group of over 575 experienced decorators who have passed a comprehensive workmanship assessment, with Dulux guaranteeing their work for two years after completion.

The research carried out by Dulux shone a spotlight on the extent that members of the trade struggle with mental health, finding that 84 per cent had experienced some issue in the last five years.

It also discovered that half of decorators admit they wouldn’t feel confident in speaking up if they were struggling while 45 per cent say they would not know where to turn for advice.

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Updated Oct 15, 2022 | Posted Jun 6, 2020 | 0 comments

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