Dulux Academy Wall Mural Course Review


The Dulux Academy gets talked about on the Decorators Forum all the time. It is renowned within the decorating industry and is raising standards across the board. Professional Decorator Steve Hunt asked, “Has anyone been on the Dulux Academy wall mural course?” This is the feedback he got from other professionals

 Yes – good one. I had a chance to try different types and quality of digital wall murals. Tony Pearson-Young have exceptional knowledge and will answer all your questions. Highly recommended

Nikolay Hristov - Dulux Academy Wall Mural Course

Yes and I think it’s a well worth while course, you cover issues of cheap papers as well as the beautiful one piece digital wall murals.

It’s a really hands on course, and Tony Pearson-Young was on hand with a lot of pointers to help improve.


This was my first wallpaper course, I took everything I learnt on board, went away for a year and then returned to do the intermediate wallpapering course.


I feel really confident now, whatever I get thrown at me

Rachel Bates

I have, it’s a great course to do and a good eye opener. I learnt a lot, worth every penny.

Leigh Pears - Dulux Academy Wall Mural Course

Yeah done it few years back. Think it was an 8 piece then 4 piece then the big 1 piece. Expensive boyo but Tony makes it look easy. No classroom time really, just a chat about yourself and your career, then straight to it. You’ll do the cheapies yourself then Tony will guide you through the measuring of the big one and help it to the wall with you

Mark Sweeney

Good course, good team

Philip Painter

I attended the one piece mural course.

Quality course full of content !

Stuart Yates

Excellent course run by Tony Pearson-Young it’ll make you think twice about overlap and splice

Simon Thompson - Dulux Academy Wall Mural Course

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