Dulux Academy Introduction to Spray Course Review - one of the best places to learn paint spraying skills

Dulux Academy Introduction to Spray Course Review


I attended an “Introduction to Spray” training course at the Dulux Academy in Slough, Berkshire in August. Before we get into the details of the course itself, I have to say that I found the whole Dulux Academy experience very impressive and professional. From booking a place on the course online, getting detailed parking and safety (Covid) information via email well in advance, to the building and its facilities, the Academy training staff and the quality of the equipment and materials available to use… everything about the experience was delivered in the way that you would expect from a market-leading company.  At a time when many decorators are singing the praises of this or that new paint brand, it’s great to see initiatives like this from Dulux, delivering quality training to both new and experienced decorators.  Not that there’s anything wrong in a bit of healthy competition, and there are some great paints out there from both new and established brands, but I for one think it’s great that Dulux are leading the way with initiatives like this. 


The Academy has of course had to adapt to the current Covid situation, and again it’s been done professionally and thoroughly, but not in a way that detracts from the day at all. So there are hand sanitisers available, class sizes are reduced, seats are spaced out, food is served in individual portions and so on, which all worked fine, and didn’t get in the way of what we were there to achieve. 


The course was held in the brand new and very impressive Graco Spray Centre within the Academy; obviously it’s Graco-branded, so all the equipment is Graco, all the teaching and practical work is based around Graco gear, but then they’ve invested with Dulux in setting up this training facility, so why not? Industry legend Tony Pearson-Young was our instructor for the day, and anyone who has met Tony will know that what he doesn’t know about decorating isn’t really worth knowing. And he gets that knowledge across in a fun and informative way, so you are never going to get bored on one of his courses. Our class was quite a mix of experienced and less-experienced decorators, so Tony peppered his spray presentation with lots of useful hints and tips that were sometimes off-topic, but always valuable and a learning opportunity for someone in the room. 


The structure for the day was as follows: 

  • Introductions 
  • Safety Briefing (for our time at the Academy – including Covid-specific items) 
  • Types of Spray Equipment 
  • Health & safety while spraying, including PPE (masks etc) 
  • HVLP, including practical opportunities to try the equipment out 
  • Airless Spraying, including practical opportunities to try the equipment out 
  • Accessories 


It was a very full day, with a lot of useful information packed in, yet there was still plenty of time allowed for all of us to try the equipment in different scenarios, get feedback from Tony and each other on our technique, and so on. There was also plenty of time and opportunity for questions, group discussion and a bit of banter too. And everyone left with the Dulux Academy booklet “Everything You Need to Know About Spraying”, and while much of this is a bit of a product catalogue, there are some good tips and reminders about techniques and maintenance, for example. 


Overall, the course was great. If you’ve never sprayed before, this is an ideal “safe” way of giving it a go without having to spend a fortune on new kit (that may be wrong for your business anyway), and without the risk of destroying Mrs Jones’s living room. If you’re already spraying, then you probably don’t need this course, but if like me you’re standing on the edge wondering whether or not to dip a toe in the water, this course will help you to make an informed decision. Informative, enjoyable and well worth the time and money. 

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Dulux Academy Introduction to Spray Course Review