Don’t Look Down Your Nose at the £50 a Day Decorator

By Colin Switzer


£50 a day man….

Reading a few posts on the Decorators Forum about people being slack at work and the dreaded “man who shall not be named”. 🤫🤫 (I’m not talking about Voldemort)

It got me thinking, and don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near the that man who shall not be named.

I like to earn at least £55 😂 joking aside I try for £150

I need at least £120 a day or else I can’t live life with the bills I have in our household. £100 would be the absolute lowest bringing it down to £80 after tax, but that would be very tight.
I struggle at some points like the rest of you, I’m not ashamed to say it.

SKIP HERE TO THE POINT OF THE POST!! I’d like to see how many on here are honest. What wage do ask for a day? And what is the lowest you can work for a day to pay bills and get basic food on the table.

That’s pretty much my thinking, not everyone will be in the same boat.

Some people will be able to live on £50-£60 a day as they have small bills. (Living at home with parents or have paid for their house so can work at a lower wage.) Or you’re a just a straightforward adult who has no family who are dependent on you. Maybe all you have to worry about a few noodles for food and a room in a house share and a small amount of insurance at a push)

So, if someone is earning legitimate wage, paying taxes and insurance, living a life they’re happy with…. Should they be made to feel lesser tradesman then people charging 3 times the price to a customer. So don’t look down your nose at the £50 a day decorator!

I know there are a lot of the people who shall not be named, and I hate it as much as everyone, but sometimes this pops in my head and I have to get of my high horse and wind my neck in.

250 a week, 1000 a month, 800 after tax.

+£800 Monthly wage
-£400 house share
-£10 liability insurance
-£100 food
-£80 transport (if required)
Left with £210

Happy new year brush swingers.
Peace and love peace and love

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Down Your Nose at the £50 a Day Decorator