Don’t Waste Time on Paperwork!

By Andy Scott


I have been having a scan through posts on the Decorators Forum. The ones that keep jumping out at me are people moaning about quotes and paperwork. I keep seeing things like, “Takes me hours” or “I can’t be bothered”

Seems to me that most people are over complicating everything. I can get to a job 20 minutes early, sit in van and fire a load of estimates off from my phone. Same for quotes, I can walk in a job and know within 2 minutes how long it will take. Other decorators are measuring walls and working out coverage rates of different paints! Come on!!!!

I have even read about some people giving customers a quote contained in a folder full of this and that. Absolute tosh in my opinion!

Save yourself a headache. You don’t need a paper trial; emails are completely fine. I have no paperwork other than paint receipts (which are now on email) and fuel. Nothing else.

The way some go on you’d think it’s a multinational conglomerate.

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Don’t Waste Time on Paperwork!