As a professional decorator, do you pour from the front or back of the paint tin? We asked members of Decorators Forum that very question. This is a sample of some of the sh*t they came back with

You bored this evening? 😂 what a question for a Sunday

Luke Westbrook

Front, so the paint you are using doesn’t say ‘wilko’, and you can just tell the customer its f&b

Wesley Knight

Neither. Throw the paint at the wall and lay it off with a roller

Matthew Toal

Underside, open with a tin opener

Michael Spearman

Dynamite gaffa taped to the tin and boom, the room is done

Rob Dixon

Drill hole in the side of tin, then civ it into a bottle of turps and paint

Nick Squires

Pour from the back drink from the front

Geoff Hackett

Don’t pour just go pub

Ray Batt

Pour? What will you sit on at brew?

Rick Spencer

Save yourself the pouring and just work from the tin 😂😂

Kirstin Williams

I tell the tin what to do

Andy Scott

Don’t care, give it a shake and half the time it’s either on me or all over the tin

Catherine Robertson

Pierce it with a screwdriver and drink it through a straw. Less mess

Mozza Morrison

Doesn’t the guy with the Aston just drive over it and hey presto, walls painted and car painted for free👍🏻 bonus.

No pouring needed!

Carla Ross

🤔Why pour it? Just dip your brush right in.🤣

Bill White

From the top

Chris Hayes

I have staff that do it for me

Pete Clark

Pour from front, So the paint isn’t back to front, obviously ffs

Fraser Thompson

I give it a shake because no one wants a dribble

Nino Termine

I syphon it with one of those great straws from maccys

Michael Price

I use a big spoon keeps tin clean

Ian Broom

25mm drill bit and one of these bad boys paint on tap

Chris Birmingham

The dog said…he’s not woof, he paws from the back…

Craig Dakin

Depends whether you’re left or righthanded surely….

Davey Hamilton

Pour from the front. I need the back for something to read on the toilet if there’s no signal on the phone.

Tommy McAndrew

I live on the wild sid,close your eyes spin the tin and pour away!!

Micheal Weston

Tin opener from the bottom.

Paul Walker

Always pour from the side, so it drips on the handle

Stuart Beard

If you flip it up quick enough, it just falls out.

Ben Byrd

If you pierce a hole in the bottom before you take the lid off, you can shotgun a 2.5 in under a minute



Do You Pour The Front or Back Of The Paint Tin

Simon Blanchett-Parker

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