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Dexters workwear review – Painters’ Trousers

Updated Nov 4, 2022 | Posted Oct 3, 2017 | Product Review, Workwear | 1 comment

I was asked to trial some Dexters Workwear Painters’ Trousers by the Decorators Forum UK and give an honest review. No problem, as a professional decorator myself, I wear whites every day, so I’m best placed for the trial really.

This is my Dexters Workwear review. I hope you find it useful.


How do Dexters Workwear compare with other brands


I have tried many brands of decorators’ trousers in the past, like the lower end “site”, “Dickies” and “Dulux” trousers and the Higher end ones like Blaklader.

I honestly rate Dexters trousers as the best ones I have worn. They are by far the comfiest and unlike the Jobman trousers, they are not too heavy. In fact, they are quite lightweight yet still feel top quality. I’ve been using Dexters Workwear painters’ trousers for a while now and they seem to last for ages. It’s well worth paying a little bit for these, rather than just going for a budget set.


I especially love the additional pouches / pockets that clip on to the trousers which hold all your tools, just like the pouch on a bib ‘n’ brace would.

The essential beer bottle holder is also a great addition to the collection.

These are great trousers at a fairly reasonable price, I have since purchased another couple of pairs of Dexters. I think I’ll stick with them from now on.

Where to Buy


We’re quite lucky now. When Dexters first came out, they weren’t very widespread. Dulux Decorating Centre now stock them. No more mail-order and then sending things back when they don’t fit. Just walk into your closest DDC and let them kit you out.

Dexter Workwear Review – by Danny Aldred

Updated Nov 4, 2022 | Posted Oct 3, 2017 | 1 comment

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