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Dexters Workwear Review

by a Professional Decorator

I was asked by the Decorators Forum UK to carry out a Dexters workwear review. At first, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t very excited about this and having reviewed many products, this wasn’t the one I was most looking forward to. However, what greeted me in the box that was sent to be honest taken be by surprise.


I received a pair of decorators’ trousers presented in their own box, belt, hat, accessory pouches and more. Upon box opening it quickly became apparent that I was unveiling a quality product.


For me, the most important thing about workwear is its appearance above anything else. I want to look professional at all times. However, maintain an image that looks cool and smarter than the man waiting for his paint to be mixed behind me. The Dexters kit certainly doesn’t disappoint.


The trousers are quality and very tough but also the way they look are on point. Using them every day almost seems a shame. However, quickly going back to reality, this is workwear and one I’m more than happy to parade. With the handy accessory pouches, it makes all decorating tasks that little bit easier and you can certainly tell this brand is well thought out. Unlike other trousers, I know the fact that you can unclip these pouches as and when you like is a huge selling point. You may not require certain things day in day out.


The Dexters sweatshirt is comfortable, remains flexible and maintains its quality following many washes. I even wear this sweatshirt out and about which I wouldn’t dare with any other workwear.


Dexters workwear in my opinion sets the standard high for competitive brands. Nothing I have found on the market compares in quality or for the appearance factor! I for one would not wear anything else again! I for one will be purchasing the entire range and that’s a fact. Loved reviewing these products and love wearing each item.


I guess decorators have come full circle when it comes to workwear. We went from shirt, tie and whites to cheap looking bib and braces, and now we’re starting to look more presentable with cooler workwear. You don’t spend a tenner on a pair of cheap overalls anymore. It’s important to show your clients that you take pride in your appearance. That’s where Dexters come in!


Well done Dexters you smashed it


The best place I’ve found to buy Dexters is Dulux Decorating Centre, but other stockists are available.

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