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DEXTERS Female/Ladies Decorator Whites

Updated Nov 7, 2022 | Posted Jan 7, 2018 | Product Review, Workwear | 1 comment

Without question, these Dexters Female/Ladies Decorator Whites are one of my favourite products I have been asked to review! After all I am a girl, and what girl doesn’t love new clothes! Even if they are of the work variety.

Many companies are still a little behind with the times designing trousers that actually fit over women’s hips, fit their waist. They still only offer one unisex brand of decorating trousers and not reaching out to the female market.

I have had to buy blokes’ painters’ trousers many a time and I just can’t have it both ways with them; fit waist, but I won’t’ squeeze over hips. Fit hips, they fall off your waist! Luckily over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in women’s trade wear.

I must be honest, I love the fact that Dexters haven’t felt the need to add any pink like shield or scruffs. Yes, I am a girl, but I like to try and leave that feminine side off the building sites. These are black and white and look so smart! I did have a brief ‘domestic goddess’ moment where I thought ‘black and white, surely these colours will run’ it was a fleeting moment, and I can confirm that they don’t run!


Pockets! There are plenty on these whites for your wallpapering tools, so no complaints there! The clips are so much more secure than the zip on Fat hog that fails every time I buy some. Also interchangeable, I do like! I’m not sure if I will swap them over much but the option is great.

To date, every pair of trousers I have owned have had more pockets by the right knee. I always keep wallpapering scissors there, admittedly that is a rubbish place when you can’t reach! but I have to be honest its where I like them! These Dexters Trousers are missing the pocket on the knee unfortunately.

So, Dexters Female Painters Whites are no good on wallpapering days. But that genuinely is the only issue I can see. It is worth mentioning that you do need to check the sizes with these before ordering. I am usually a standard height, on these I had to order the ‘Tall Leg’, so if you are actually tall, I reckon there might be a slight issue for you. but for me these are a perfect fit.

These will be my new choice of painters’ trousers.!! If you want any more information, you can check out Dexter’s website here

DEXTERS Female/Ladies Decorator Whites Review – by Rachel Bates

Updated Nov 7, 2022 | Posted Jan 7, 2018 | 1 comment

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1 Comment

  1. joseph Elwick P&D

    Nice review! I love these trousers… Very handy when papering especially…. But I did snap one of the studs off when trying to clip my tape measure on them the other day…… So that’s interesting really…. Not sure if I was just unlucky? Or whether they just can’t take the force of constantly clipping a tape measure on


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