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Dexters Female Trouser Review by Harriet Stone

Updated Nov 7, 2022 | Posted Jan 15, 2018 | Product Review, Workwear | 0 comments

So, I’m a woman.  I am slight, some may say skinny, but I prefer the term slim, I’m 6’1, pretty tall compared to most. So when I ordered a size 12 Tall leg from Dexters new female work wear range I didn’t quite anticipate what was coming. This is my Dexters female trouser Review.


Oooh A Parcel !!

I got that ‘yay’ feeling when the trousers arrived. Delighted by the beautifully presented box, how lovely I thought. But for £66.00 they really ought to be.

The presentation is strong. I love the monochrome.

The material seems lightweight yet durable. A bit similar to the water proof nylon combat trousers.

Oh sweet jesus hello crutch!

Gosh they were high, and tight. So was the waist. At this point I checked the box to ensure I had recieved the right size. Yep, a size 12.

I stood in the mirror pondering whether the Krispy Kreme have finally taken their toll. But then it occurred to me that all my other size 12’s fit perfectly, so it is my estimation that these come up a little small. I measured just to make sure, my hips are 106cm and their measurements state 108cm. According to their size chart for these I should have an 81cm waist. That I do. But I guess these do too. Can we have a little breathing space please Dexters?


Five Inches Too Short!

These trousers come in 3 leg lengths; Short 69cm (27″), Regular  74cm (29″) and  Tall 79cm (31″) I can confirm, though labelled as such that they are not in the slightest bit ‘tall’. In fact most standard leg lengths cover 29- 31 inches. With Tall ranges featuring leg lengths of 34 to 38 inches. So if you are tall and order this size not only will your knee pads end up on your thigh but you will have very cold ankles. Unless of course you do actually have 31″ legs.

The hem being only 1inch, means there is zero room for letting them down too. So far, not so good Dexters Female workwear.


The length aside there are some fantastic features on these trousers. They come with a detachable pair of pockets, two pairs in fact, one for prep, and one pair for papering! Fantastic idea. A great way to keep all the items you need close to hand. The enormous pockets at the back are also smashing!

Dexter's female workwear trousers big bum pockets

Lovely big pockets covering your bum!

Dexter's female workwear trousers with business card pocket

Handy little pocket for your business cards!

Clip on pockets dexter's female workwear

Clip on interchangeable pockets!

I reordered a size 14 of which I can confirm are far too big for me, and just incase Dexter’s are listening, both pairs are sewn with the wrong size buttonhole – it’s too small for the button, making them ultra fiddly to do up.

Thigh Pads, for when you’re kneeling on your thighs.

Tight Buttonhole.

Snug! But with super handy clips and belt loops.

So to summarize  Dexters have some sizing and some serious leg length issues to work on before their female trousers adorn this lean mean decorating queen.

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Dexters Female Trouser Review – by Harriet Stone

Updated Nov 7, 2022 | Posted Jan 15, 2018 | 0 comments

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