Deltec Masking Tape Review -High wuality interior and exterior tape

Deltec Masking Tape Review

by Rob Greenwood

Good stuff, not as expensive as others on the market, the quality reflects this. I hope you enjoy my Deltec Masking Tape review.


Deltec offer a great range of masking tapes, each for a different purpose. The gold gives sharp lines and the purple is meant for more delicate surfaces. People on the Decorators Forum


  • Easy colour coding
  • Not as expensive as some others on the market
  • High adhesion


  • Does bleed occasionally
  • The low tack (purple) isn’t as low tack as some other products on the market

Deltec tapes are quickly following suit the way in painting world, they have a good range of tape considering different scenarios within the decorating trade. My favored tape is the gold ‘sharp lines’ tape. With adhesion suitable for interior and exterior use and a promise of no residue for up to six months, this product has clearly been thought through.

Although Deltec tape has its uses and is a great everyday tape range to use, on more delicate work, such as murals, Id be tempted to go back to my personal favorite. The delicate tape Deltec have failed on me in places on a new build. I don’t think it was the application at fault as the other tape used did not do this, although disappointing in this one instance.

I found that the price of deltec, compared to others on the market really made it stand out. Although only slightly cheaper, over a year, savings can me huge. Deltec tape is colour coded, making it easy to pick the right colour for the job you need it for. The Deltec gold is a strong, solid rice paper making lines super sharp, although I had to touch in a few tiny bits where bleed was present I still found it amazing.

In conclusion I found Deltec tapes to be an all-round great tape to use, admittedly other tapes on the market have the leading edge but I feel with tape you get what you pay for and Deltec is certainly one to give a try and have in the van for you day to day usage.

The best place I have found to buy the tape is My Paintbrush using discount code DF8 at the checkout.

and that was my Deltec masking tape review. Hope you found it useful

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