Decorators Should Practice what they preach

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The latest post on the Decorators Forum UK about how much we’re undervalued and underpaid we all are as decorators got me thinking.

There was a post the other day from a decorator wanting to get some branding done and quite a few of the replies suggested using cheap, online design services like Fiverr etc.

I see this as (some of) us being guilty of the same as what we accuse some potential customers of. Using a service like Fiver or trying to find someone to do it on the cheap is no different to someone expecting to get their house decorated for peanuts. It’s the same as hiring a fifty pound a day tosher to paint your house!

I think we should all practice what we preach!


As an ex graphic designer myself, there are many parallels in how we are perceived and how we want to be perceived. Graphic Design is a highly skilled profession, involving years of training and experience, patience, thick skin and often large amounts of unseen, unpaid work.

It’s a massively undervalued and underpaid career and there’s a general feeling to outsiders that anyone with a computer can do it and it’s pretty easy – all of this sound familiar?

Put simply – If you want quality, professional, non-generic looking branding then the best approach is to find a talented, local, self-employed, well-regarded designer who will give you a fantastic service and high quality end product.

But even if quality isn’t as important as cost, look at the human element of it. People study a craft for years, do their time working for someone else, drag themselves up and offer a unique service that they are proud of. Again, this is very much like we do as decorators. Now imagine a big corporation comes along and kills your trade dead!! Overnight, everything you’ve worked for is worthless.


Decorators Should Practice what they Preach – by Richard Thomson

Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Feb 20, 2022 | 0 comments


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