At the The Decorators Forum we have many platforms on social media which cater for professionals in the decorating industry. One thing we always try to do, which you won’t find on a lot of other sites is give decorators a voice when it comes to products. We believe the type of reviews decorators want to see are those written by other decorators who have nothing to gain from being biased.


This is exactly the reason we set up the Decorators Forum Review Team. There are currently fourteen decorators in the team. Each one has been hand selected for different reasons and offer a different, but expert view. The views and opinions given in the reviews produced by the team are completely independent and do not in any way represent the overall view of The Decorators Forum. Each review is structured and uniformed.


It is completely free for a manufacturer to have a product reviewed. In fact, The Decorators Forum will put a manufacturer in direct contact with the team. Once a review has been written, we then publish the content on the Product Reviews section of our website, then shared via link across any social platform in the DF family we feel the content is relevant to. The reviews are always seen by a very large audience. Be warned though, when we say the reviews are unbiased, we mean it. Sending a product of poor quality to the team would be the same as throwing it to the wolves. If you have enough confidence in the quality of a product and your faith is well placed, you have the perfect stage in which to showcase it.


If you have a product you’d like to put forward to our team, or you need any more information, please get in touch with us via email on or message us on Facebook


The Decorators Forum Review Team