Here at the Decorators Forum we are well known for giving every day decorators a voice when it comes to products from within the industry. In fact, we have an independent review team which is set up to give honest and sometimes brutal opinions about products, which are then shared with a large audience of likeminded people. Decorators Forum Announce Product Endorsement


So, when ProDec approached the us and asked us for some honest feedback about an upcoming new brush, we were in the perfect position to help. We put them in direct contact with our review panel, who were each sent a box of Ice Fusion brushes to trial. They were then asked to answer a series of questions about the product.


It soon became apparent the brush was a little bit different to anything currently on the market. We’re not allowed at this stage to go into too much detail about the technology in the brush, but as far as we are aware it is completely new, and we feel it is the next step in brush evolution. As a result, the feedback from our team of decorators was overwhelmingly positive.


We feel absolutely privileged to be involved in testing such a revolutionary new product before it hits the shelves and we are excited for the launch in summer. This is the first product the Decorators Forum have ever had enough confidence in to officially endorse and we are honored to do so. For more information please follow this link to our website


Or for ProDec click here


Look out for more details about the brush in the coming weeks.


Available in Summer 2019


Decorators Forum Announce Product Endorsement