Decorating tips and hacks


We asked professional decorators on Decorators Forum UK to give their best hints, hacks and tips from across the industry. This is a sample of what they came back with.

When your stripping mask your drop sheet to skirting so it catches all the water saves your sheets and carpet getting wet also means you can just roll it all up when it’s done so easy to clean up.

Scott Connelly

Save yourself a fortune top up your brushmate bottle with cellulose thinners Ā£10 for 5ltrs

Gavin Lee

Heat guns………brilliant for lighting charcoal bbqs…….thank me later šŸ¤£

Simon Tucker

When putting a screw back into something (door frames etc) and it just spins with out biting. Snap the back of a match( or any slither of wood that size ) and poke it into the hole.

Hey presto the screw now bites in nice and tight!
Richard Irons

When doing facia and other external jobs from a ladder always take a rag with you up the ladder to cover your paint pot and brush. It stops all the crap dropping in it when you are prepping

David Anderson

Cut your tape corners with a sharp scraper or window blade

Simon Goodwin

When you take the door handles off, always keep the screwdriver on you. Saves you having to ring the customer when you get locked in a room. šŸ˜„

Nick Slinger

When wallpapering. Always save your off cuts till you are finished. You never know when I little bit might come in handy. Centre your wallpaper for feature walls sometimes you can get the the 2 end drops out of 1 drop.

William Haywood

when spraying cupboard doors etc, write which door it is in the hinge hole with marker, and cover with a bit of tape.Take tape off after spraying and put door back in the right place.

Wesley Knight

Always take more than one bit of sandpaper up your ladder when prepping external fascia and gutters as nothing worse than watching it fall to the ground from 30ft up

David Baillie

If you have to cut into a window that has been siliconed caulk over the silicon first let it dry and then cut in. It won’t slip off

Lee Quine

Use a magnetic knife rack for your scrapers in the van. Saves rooting through a box to find the one you need.

Jamie Wakeford

Here’s a tip to stop a Mirka hose coming apart. A roll of sparky’s black insulating tape, don’t over tape it or you’ll never get the hose end reassembled. Works a treat and stops you going mad.

Richard Norbury

Use stair rods to hold sheets in place in bathrooms.

Richard Irons (pic)

Don’t use a cordless drill as a hammer

Mick Bennison

Put gloves on top of your ladders to stop marking finished walls

Andrew Moss

Never roll ceilings with your mouth open.

Lee Dungas

Tosh your scuttles out with thinned gloss once emulsions dry to seal them back up. Crack it all out once in a while.


Decorating tips and hacks

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Decorating tips and hacks