Dealing with the Customer from Hell!!

By Darren Webb


Anyone else on the Decorators Forum get this sh*t!?

I am currently working for the customer from hell! I started her bathroom this week, which was only decorated last year, but by a cowboy. It was in a hell of a state!! All round the window the paint was flaking!

I removed all the loose paint, applied a coat of Peelstop, then filled and rubbed down. After that I applied ANOTHER coat of Peelstop, followed by a coat of 123 primer. To finish off I painted with Johnstone’s durable matt.

I went above and beyond with all the prep on the job, simply because I wanted it to look right. I probably lost money to be honest, but it looked the dogs danglies when finished. I was well chuffed and walked away happy.

She phoned today saying I’d missed 2 bits, bearing in mind I only live 2 minutes from the job, I popped in to have a look! She had literally climbed up on top of the bath on tiptoes and found the tiniest bit I’d missed with filler! So small you could only see it from on top of the bath🤬 the other bit she had got on her knees and taken a picture behind the toilet!!!🤦‍♂️ 😖😖🤦‍♂️

Still got two weeks there doing her hall, stairs and landing. I’m thinking about just doing one doing one🤔🤔🤔

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dealing with the customer from hell