Crown Wallcoverings Wallpaper Review

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Crown Wallcoverings is quite possibly the worst wallpaper I have ever had the misfortune to hang as a professional decorator!! I’ve seen mixed reviews on the Decorators Forum UK.

It has a pretty design and nice restful colours, but om my god!!! This Crown Wallcoverings stuff epitomises everything that’s wrong with Laura Ashley.

If I hadn’t had my paperwizz, extra-long Axus blade, Olfa knife and 20 years’ experience, it would have been a disaster. And all the wife could do was point out a tiny tear in a top corner and a tiny pattern mismatch below the edge of the window by 2mm 😞🙄 Husband was appreciative though.

Either way, I’m feeling proud of myself for getting through the day and doing a good job for a mere human. 😁

I would advise everyone try to avoid Crown Wallcoverings where they can. It is awful.

My Overview

Crown Wallcoverings Wallpaper Review - Decorator's forum UK

A pulp wallpaper used to decorate interior walls. Available in a wide range of designs.

Product Brand: Crown Wallcoverings

Editor's Rating:


  • Nice patterns.


  • Rips and creases on insulation.
  • Easy to stretch out the pattern so it doesn’t match.
  • You can’t wipe the excess paste from the front without damaging it.
  • Avoid this paper at all costs.

What Other Decorators Think About Crown Wallcoverings

You’ve done a great job – I hung this one a few years back and, as you say, everything that was bad was bad. Good result 👍🏻

Dave Mallard

Professional Painter and Decorator

Nothing wrong with Laura Ashley paper it’s changed I’ve just papered 6-8 room sets in 6 different stores not a problem hanging 16 rolls a day.

Ian Richards

Professional Painter and Decorator

Lovely work 👍

Ian Richards

Professional Painter and Decorator

Looks the puppy’s plumb’s considering how shocking Crown Wallcoverings is👍 I’d give yourself a pat on the back for sticking it out!!!

George Bogojevic

Professional Painter and Decorator

Looks good to me… it’s just a nightmare to hang!

Andy PollardandSon

Professional Painter and Decorator

The Crown Wallcoverings Wallpapers are a bit hit and miss. Some of them go up without issue. Others seem to crease, rip and mark easily. The trick is, not to overwork them and use a good quality paste like Beeline. Better still, just avoid it the best you can. There are far better wallpapers on the market.

Mike Gregory

Professional Painter and Decorator

Blog written by Elizabeth Pollard – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 6, 2024 | Posted Sep 4, 2019 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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