Professional decorator Ryan Fouger gives a review on Crown Trade PX4, a water-based adhesion primer and stain block in one product

Crown Trade PX4 Review

By Ryan Fouger



PX4 is Crown Trade’s latest adhesion primer and it seems to have done very well since it was launched a couple of years ago. It’s a water-based multipurpose primer and it offers excellent adhesion properties. It’s purpose built to go on to difficult substrates such as glass, tiles, melamine and nonferrous metals. It also offers stain blocking capabilities, such as smoke damage, crayons and pen marks, tannings, as well as many others. On top of all this, it withstands alkaline, making it a very versatile product.


Crown Trade px4 comes in two sizes, 1l and 5l. It is only available in white which is a drawback. However, the same is true for most adhesion primers.


I have used Crown px4 on various different substrates including new pre-primed skirting and doors, as well as previously painted surfaces. It has always performed perfectly on each surface. Opacity is ok and it shicks hard and fast to whater you apply it to. The technical information states a 30-minute recoat time on porous surfaces but, under normal circumstances it will be an hour. It flows out well and sands down perfectly.


When using px4 to cover any stains I found it needed to have 2 coats for the product to work correctly. This isn’t too much of an issue as you can apply the second coat as the first one is drying. One advantage is, it’s quick and easy to coat up a full ceiling or wall in Crown PX4, then simply backroll the additional coat.


As far as adhesion goes, I have tested Crown Trade PX4 on various difficult substrates and it out-performs many other water-based adhesion primer.


As a professional decorator I have no issues at all using this product. I know it’s easy to use, has great adhesion, blocks stains and leaves the perfect surface to be painted over with your finishing product. I would recommend it to anyone and you can buy it from any Crown Decorating Centre.


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Crown Trade PX4 Review