Crown Trade Fastflow Quickdry Eggshell


If you’re looking for a trim product that combines the traditional finish of an eggshell with all the modern benefits of water-based technology paint, the latest addition to Crown Trade’s popular Fastflow range has it covered.   The new Fastflow Quick Dry Eggshell paint can be used for both exterior and interior wood and metalwork and is the perfect partner to heritage style design schemes where a classic low sheen finish is desired.  Benefitting from Crown’s advanced innovative Breatheasy® technology that has been used throughout the Fastflow range, the new water-based eggshell option’s low odour formulation alongside its quick drying properties can also help reduce time and labour on site.   With the addition of a classic eggshell option, the Fastflow range now offers a comprehensive choice of finishes from the high-shine Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss to the contemporary mid-sheen look of Fastflow Quick Dry Satin.  For best results, the range also includes the perfect basecoat in the form of a high performance Quick Dry Primer Undercoat. Developed to offer the same application characteristics of a traditional undercoat, the water-based primer is compatible with all products within the Fastflow range to help achieve a flawless finish every time.   For more information and to find your nearest stockist, please visit, email or call 0330 024 0297. You can also follow @CrownTradePaint on Twitter, CrownTradePaint on Facebook or Crown Paints on LinkedIn.  

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The Crown Trade Fastflow Eggshell is fantastic!! It is easier to have faith in a trim product which was designed specifically for trim!! The Fastflow undercoat has great adhesion and opacity. The eggshell is easy to apply, leaves a great finish and it’s durable. What more can you ask??

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Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Eggshell