Crown Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

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Leading paint manufacturer Crown Paints has named its three key colour trends for Spring/Summer 2020 and beyond.

The company is passionate about colour and recognises the importance and potential impact of choosing the right shade for a project. Crown aims to encourage everyone – including designers, specifiers and decorators – to have the confidence to experiment with colour, which is why it invests in developing new colour trends each year.

Each set of colour trends is identified by Crown’s team of colour experts, which comprises consultants, specialists and designers who meet each year to draw on their extensive collective expertise to identify current and future trends across a range of sectors. The team then turns the main overarching themes into separate colour palettes to appeal as widely as possible.

The three tends each have a distinct identity, and the panel highlights both hero shades and complementary colours within each. This year, the panel has identified the trends for Spring/Summer as ‘Direct’, ‘Rethink’ and ‘Connect’ – all of which have been chosen with the aim of people connecting with the colours.

‘Direct’ has been inspired by artist Lee Krasner, with a focus on bright colours being used in an expressionistic way. The hero colour of the trend is ‘Into the blue’, a deep blue shade which is highly versatile. It works alongside the complementary colours within the palette, which plays with boundaries and spatial perception through the use of bold colour combinations and configurations.

The second trend for the season, ‘Rethink’, comprises an optimistic colour palette which links with technology and synthetics. It is a forward-thinking trend which has been inspired by the growing emphasis placed by businesses on the use of innovative techniques to create new materials from waste products. The key colour for the palette is the mint green shade ‘Revival’, which is brought to life with contrasting pink, yellow and grey tones.

Completing the season’s trends, ‘Connect’ has been inspired by Japanese forest bathing and the joy of outdoors – as well as the link between nature and wellbeing – and therefore focuses on green hues. The trend sees shades such as ‘Gentle Olive’ feature alongside subtle complementary colours which work well to create a soothing environment.

Kathryn Lloyd, colour specialist at Crown Paints, said: “Colour plays a vital role in any interior design project, which is why it’s at the heart of everything we do. No matter what the size of the project or the sector it’s in, it’s useful to have an understanding of key trends which will shape the future of our homes and public spaces.

“At Crown Paints, we understand that colour is deeply personal which is why the trends we create are fluid, with plenty of scope to add individual personality and style. With the option to take as much or as little inspiration from these trends as desired, we hope to inspire customers with the confidence to embrace the power of colour within their projects.”

Crown Paints’ Colour Services team is available to offer expert advice on colour specification, including providing bespoke colour cards and a colour library. The team can also guide specifiers through the process of creating individual colour schemes to be tailored to clients’ requirements.

For more information on Crown Paints’ specification services, please call 0330 024 0310, email You can also follow @CrownTradePaint on Twitter and Crown Paints on LinkedIn.


Updated Aug 24, 2023 | Posted Mar 4, 2020 | 0 comments

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