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Cre8tive Scuttle Liner Review

Updated Aug 11, 2022 | Posted Oct 9, 2021 | Product Review, Sundries | 1 comment

I was always told by my Mother I should try new things at least once before forming an opinion.

I’m sure she didn’t have in mind that time in Magaluf with a bungee jumping Drag Queen some flaming Sambucas and size 10 heels…

That’s a story for the pub or my autobiography, but let’s just say, the right eye liner really makes blue eyes pop!!

I digress. I was recently sent a Cre8tive scuttle liner by the folks at Crea8ive Solutions. It was a prize for correctly predicting the score in a meaningless little football match that I’m sure some of you may have seen! I predicted the full time result to be 1-1, for no goals to be scored in Extra Time and for the losing team to be beaten on penalties. I think you can probably guess which game it was 😁.

So, for the last couple of months I’ve put the scuttle liner to the test. You will have seen them being used and raved about on social media, or read about them on the Decorators Forum UK.


Throw paint in them, use what you need, pour the excess out and leave the leftovers to dry overnight and the following day. All you need do to clean the liner is crumple it up and pour out the dust.

Surely it can’t be that easy??? I hear you scream!!

Well, it is and don’t call me Shirley!

I’ve thrown everything at the liner, Vinyl Matt, Acrylic, Durable Matt and so far, it’s lived up to the hype. The only paint I’ve had to do some cleaning out of was Teknoceiling 2. It just didn’t crumble as well as the rest did, so I needed a sponge and warm water.

The only negative, and it really is small, it that the Scuttle you use must be the newer bevelled/rounded version in the base.

I have a couple of older square-base scuttles and the Cre8tive scuttle liner tends to fold in on itself from one edge and looks like it’s frowning at me from above.

Apart from that, there are no faults I can find. It’s a durable bit of kit, works well and lasts.


You may need a couple if you are to be using more than one colour in a day and they aren’t cheap (although there’s a 10% discount at the moment through the Decorators Forum UK), but they’re a hell of a lot better than those 3ft thick scuttles I’ve seen some old deccies emptying yet another drum of white into!

At a time when looks matter, what could be better than turning up to a job with spotlessly clean scuttles and keeping the customers bath clean by crumbling yesterday’s paint into the bin? Oh yeah, the right eyeliner 😉


Final Thoughts


I love the Cre8tive scuttle liner. I know a lot of decorators will begrudge spending £20 on something that does a similar job to a bin liner in your paint tray, but this is so much better. It is clean, environmentally friendly, saves time and will last forever. What’s not to like??


Cre8tive Scuttle Liner Review – Scott Dowie (FD-Decor)


1 Comment

  1. Rebecca Nicholls

    I personally love this product been using it just over a month now and the durability is so good! Not just that I’m finding it more diverse the more I use it.


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