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I posted on the Decorators Forum UK last week because I thought my home insurance covered my tools being kept in my garage. It turns out my home insurance doesn’t cover it at all. Think it made a few people on here question theirs too…

Anyway, spoke to Coversure, Poole, who I have my Public Liability with (and also tools in van insurance) and they managed to sort me out an add on for cover of my tools kept in a locked building (as well as van) up to £2.5k. The cost was just £94, reduced to £84 when I mentioned the Forum for the discount 👌🏼

He talked me through the different options and prices, but he knew exactly what insurance I needed for my particular circumstances.

it’s definitely worth it if your home insurance isn’t all you think it is. I’m glad Coversure Pool Support Decorators Forum UK members the way they do, because they save everyone a fortune!

You can reach coversure on 01202 801782 , just get your quote, then tell them you’re a Decorators Forum UK member to recieve your discount.

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The Decorators Forum UK have a deal with Coversure Pool to ensure a discount and Rolls-Royse service to all our members. They help deal with most types of insurance. To take advantage of their service please see our approved suppliers

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Updated Mar 31, 2023 | Posted May 14, 2019 | 0 comments


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