Complete Your Decorator Tool Kit With High-Quality Pliers

Complete Your Decorator Tool Kit With High-Quality Pliers

When decorating, having the right tools is essential for successful projects. Yet how often do you pay attention to your toolbox? 

While decorators use a wide range of implements, one that often goes unnoticed is the pliers. These are versatile and valuable tools that can help you complete various tasks. 

From their basic fulcrum structure, we now have different types of pliers on the market. Some people, like decorators, own versions pliers very few know to exist. 

How they enhance grip strength to apply force on small areas makes them highly valuable to your toolkit as a decorator. You can’t do much without a high-quality pair. 

Whether you need a refresher or an introduction to them, here’s what you need to know. 


Choosing The Right Pliers 

Decorating requires a certain level of finesse. Your work could get sloppy if you don’t have the right tools for the project requirements. For this reason, it’s standard practice to find the most suitable ones for the task at hand. 

That includes your pliers. 

Here are some of the most common types decorators have in their kits: 

  1. Cutting Pliers

Working like scissors, these pliers cut through a multitude of materials. Their sharp, strong jaws can go through cables, fibers, and wires. They can also have different sizes and shapes depending on the job.  

Maun Industries advises that if you’re looking for a clean cut against a hard material, then an end cutting plier is best, as the blades can run flush against a flat surface (unlike scissor type cutters). 

Complete Your Decorator Tool Kit With High-Quality Pliers

“End Cutting Pliers from Maun” 


  1. Long-Nose Pliers

Also called coned or tapered pliers, the jaws’ long shape resembles a shark’s. Similar to combination pliers, these could hold, rotate, bend, or cut material. Their long jaws make them perfect choices for small or tight workspaces. 

  1. Combination Or Lineman Pliers

With their serrated jaws, these multifunctional tools can easily clamp around items. They have a section for cutting things like electric cables at the jaw’s base. Many decorators have these in their toolboxes for that reason. 

  1. Round Nose Pliers

Decorators use these tools to bend objects into circular shapes. Projects involving chain, wire, or beading all need round nose pliers to be twisted, clamped, or made to hold accessories. 

Choosing which one to get for your decorator tool kit includes a few other things to consider: 

  • What type of task will you be using them for?
  • How big are the items you need to work with?

For example, you’ll need a pair of wire cutters if you are cutting wires. If you want to bend them, you should use needle-nose pliers instead. Are you pulling nails? Locking pliers will do the trick. 

This pliers guide goes deep into which to choose if you need help deciding what to get for a certain project. 

High-quality pliers must be durable and have a comfortable grip. Cheap ones may break easily or slip out of your hands, making them dangerous. There are also more benefits to getting top-notch pairs, some less obvious than you’d think. 


Benefits Of High-Quality Pliers For Decorators 

High-quality pliers provide several benefits to your decorator tool kit. Not only do they keep you safe and efficient in your work, but they also leave you with happy customers. After all, completing jobs successfully depends on the quality of your tools.  

Of course, better pliers will cost a little more. However, there are many reasons why investing in them is worthwhile:  

  • High-quality pliers operate easier than others, saving time and effort. 
  • They are more accurate, leaving less room for error. 
  • The better-made grips ensure that decorators don’t injure themselves. 
  • Durable materials last for a long time, preventing frequent replacements. 
  • Higher efficiency guarantees a bigger profit margin. 
  • Decorators are more prepared for any task, knowing their tools can handle the strain. 
  • Proper tools can also prevent project delays, thus improving workflow. 
  • Professionals boost their image with customers and build trust when their tools complete their look. It conveys dedication and readiness without showing off

Although these are only some benefits you can get, they’re more than enough to show why owning and maintaining great pliers is necessary. 


How To Take Care Of Decorator’s Pliers 

Suppose you already have a high-quality pair of pliers.  

In that case, you should take care of it well. Maintenance ensures pliers last a long time.  

After each use, wipe them down with a dry cloth to remove any debris. You can also clean them with a rust remover or degreaser now and again if they become rusty or dirty.  

Additionally, it’s essential to store them properly. Keep them dry to prevent the degrading of the pliers’ materials. 


A Key Part Of Your Toolkit 

What are you waiting for? With the benefits you get in terms of job completion, safety, and client satisfaction, high-quality pliers should be something every decorator should have. Check out your local catalogs and start comparing brands for the best deals.

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