Christmas Decorating Poem

By David Hickey


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

The dust sheets were thrown all over the couch.

The prep needed doing, caulking and filling,

Zinsser those stains all over the ceiling’

The client bought paint, it’s cheap and it’s nasty, but at least she makes brews and for lunch it’s a pasty.

I’d priced for two coats, but it’s going to need four, and I’ll mask up those skirts to protect their new floor.

I’ve run out of scratch. 80, 120… but I’ll go check the van I’m sure I’ve bought plenty 🤔.

The brush-mate fell over, the bungee has snapped, the scuttles need cleaning the insides have cracked. To peel out a kettle “in one” is a treat, the van looks a right mess and it needs to look neat.

From Festools to Graco, to sash brush to fitch, from Purdy to Blackfriars, those “backpacks” are sh*t (lol) from steamers and hop-up’s, ladders and steps, it’s all just thrown in from one job to the next.

There’s not much time left as we’re all in a rush, so this goes to every bro & sis of the brush. May your walls be smooth, and your woodwork be bright:


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Christmas Decorating Poem