Changes in the Decorating Industry over the Next Ten Years

By Mike Cupit


I’m going to start with a disclaimer: Everything on this blog is opinion based, and I’m probably completely wrong. So, if things don’t change in the next decade, feel free to drop me a smug message on DFUK.


It just seems to me that things in every industry, and in fact life, are changing faster than ever. This isn’t going to slow down, in fact, I can see it speeding up if anything. As such, I predict four massive changes in the decorating industry over the next ten years. Bear with me and I’ll take you through each.


Oil-Based Paints Will Become Illegal.


In recent years we’ve seen tighter and tighter restrictions on the VOCs a paint manufacturer is allowed to use when producing oil-based paint. This has done two things; It has caused issues in oil-based paint and it has pushed water-based technology to improve.


Let’s face it, oil-based paint isn’t very environmentally friendly, either in clean up, or manufacturing. I strongly believe that soon, legislation will be brought in to outlaw oil-based paint all-together. For internal use anyway, but possibly external too. I think that this would be the case already, but I get the impression they’re doing it slowly to allow water-based technology to improve and develop further before pulling the plug on oil.

We’ll all Drive Electric Vans


You know it’s coming!! You know it would already be in place if electric vans were good enough!! In the next few years, it will be impossible to buy a new deasil van. Then petrol and deasil will become even more taxed and electric vans will become subsidised. In ten years, we will all drive electric!! Decorating will become environmentally friendly, as will every other trade.


Every Decorator will Spray Paint


We should do now really, let alone in ten years time!! In most cases, spraying is quicker and leaves a better finish. 20 years ago, hardly anyone sprayed, now I reckon around half of decorators spray. In America, most decorators use a sprayer. We’re just slow to catch on, however with courses being offered at the Dulux Academy and PaintTech, it’s becoming so much easier to take the leap. The modern decorator will need to spray in the next few years, or they’ll be left behind.


We Will Live in a Cash-less Society


I’m sad about this one. There is no better feeling than working hard all week, completing a job and being handed a wedge of cash (which we always declare of course). I was gutted when we started getting plastic notes!! In ten years time, there won’t be any cash at all. Money will just be numbers on a screen.

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Changes in the Decorating Industry over the Next Ten Years