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Celebrating 50 Years of Paint Production at AkzoNobel’s Stowmarket Site


The Stowmarket site, which plays an integral role in the production of AkzoNobel products in the UK, is celebrating 50 years of operation. During this time, it has evolved to be one of the most highly automated sites within the business.


The site is responsible for the production of Dulux’s white and off-white product range in 10 litre buckets, as well as manufacturing nearly all of the Cuprinol fencecare range for the UK market. Stowmarket has seen an estimated 500 employees contribute to its success over the past 50 years, with its longest-serving employee celebrating 46 years with the business this year. Since opening back in the early 70s, nearly 2 billion litres of paint have been created and distributed across the UK, a sizeable manufacturing achievement.


Upon its opening in 1972, major development took place with new paint manufacturing vessels installed, all of which are still at the heart of Dulux’s paint production to this day. Since then, the site has embraced the digital age and uses state of the art scheduling, manufacturing execution systems and platforms in continuous efficiency drives to produce the highest quality of paint.

Celebrating 50 Years of Paint Production at AkzoNobel’s Stowmarket Site
Celebrating 50 Years of Paint Production at AkzoNobel’s Stowmarket Site

Andrew Dawson, Site Manager at the Stowmarket Factory, said: “We’re really excited to be celebrating this huge milestone with the people that make the factory what it is. Despite the everchanging trends in consumer preferences, Stowmarket has always kept on top of the demand for paint, something I’m really proud of.


“We’ve seen huge developments at our site over the years, such as becoming one of the most automated AkzoNobel factories and using state-of-the-art technology like Laser Guided Vehicles. Imagine what Stowmarket will look like in another fifty years! Thank you to everyone who has played a part in Stowmarket’s history.”


To celebrate the site’s birthday, AkzoNobel hosted a fun day at Stowmarket FC, giving its 100 current employees the chance to share stories on their time working at the site with ex-colleagues, friends and family – with a special guest Madison, the infamous Dulux Dog.


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