British Decorators Reveal the Important Things to Get the Job Done


Dulux Decorator Centre has revealed an insight into the lives of professional decorators – from what they value to achieve great results and make their work days run smoothly to how they most like to unwind.

The research, carried out to support the decorating merchant’s Centred On You campaign, polled decorators across the UK to find out what factors would make their ideal working day.

Delving into the minds of 1,000 professionals, it showed almost a quarter (23 per cent) said getting everything they need in one place is the priority to get the job done, while one in four said they found a large range of stock crucial.

Nearly half (46 per cent) of those asked singled out the importance of good quality paints, prioritising this over the price of the products (36 per cent), according to the survey.

When it comes to improving their day-to-day life, decorators value life’s little luxuries, with almost half (46 per cent) struggling to fit in a break in their busy days and claiming finding the time for a simple cup of tea would make their work day better.

And when it comes to relaxing, massages and facials were popular – with a third of painters and decorators naming them as the best way to relax if money were no object.

Two in five said they’d most like to be able to afford the time and money for a weekend away or a spa break.

One in five said they are most likely to relax having dinner in front of the TV and 12 per cent enjoy having a long bath after a hard days work.

John Henderson, Managing Director of Dulux Decorator Centre, commented: “We’re committed to understanding our customers in order to provide the best service possible. We have invested significantly to expand our product range and our online offering, listening to customers’ needs to make sure that the service they receive is centred on them from start to finish.”

With over 230 Dulux Decorator Centre stores around the country, there is always a store ready to deliver a personalised service that will meet the needs of all decorators.

John adds: “We’re always looking to understand what a decorator or contractor needs to get the job done and we continually work to partner with our customers to deliver this, from our passionate experts across our business to our speedy delivery options online.”

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British decorators reveal the important things to get the job done