Brand new spray range comes to Dulux Decorator Centre


Dulux Decorator Centre has introduced a brand new range of spray products that promise to cut down labour costs helping decorators work FIVE times faster than traditional methods.

Introducing the latest spray equipment from trusted brands such as Graco, Tritech and Q-Tech which are designed to be simple, cover areas faster and distribute paint for an even finish.

Whether covering a large area or just touching up, superior equipment and accessories are now in stock at Dulux Decorator Centre.


Dulux Decorator Centre put spray to the test and proved it can save more than 18 hours of work

Two decorators were given the same project to paint two floors of a 530m² squared building but one was given a roller and the other a spray machine.

While decorator A, armed with a roller, took 24 hours to complete the project, decorator B took just five hours and 20 minutes to spray the entire area involved.

Switching to spray not only reduces the time it takes to complete a project, thus cutting labour costs, but it also leaves much less mess – allowing a decorator to move on to the next project even more quickly.

With this in mind, Dulux Decorator Centre is now stocking the latest range of spray products suitable for projects varying from small touch-ups and interior walls and ceilings, to exterior walls and intumescent and fire-retardant areas.

And to support decorators further, the Dulux Academy offers a range of spray courses at various locations across the UK, so they can learn from an experienced training team to help them master the technique and get the most from spray.

John Henderson, Managing Director of Dulux Decorator Centre, said: “We are constantly enhancing the range of products we stock to enable our customers to get everything they need for a project in one place. This is reflected in the addition of the new spray machines and accessories now available.

“Our store colleagues are always on hand to offer advice on the right product for the job.”

Visit or your local store to see the new range.


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Brand new spray range comes to Dulux Decorator Centre