BlueLink: Take control of your sprayer and spray job management

Graco’s innovative BlueLink technology provides real-time jobsite and sprayer information to improve the way you manage your business.

Have you ever wanted to know exactly where all your spraying machines are located? How many liters of paint each machine is spraying daily? Which sprayers are likely to need maintenance soon? You might have rough answers to these questions somewhere: perhaps in an Excel file or on a notepad. But now there is a way to get all this information – and much more – automatically and easily on your smartphone or tablet. How? With the innovative BlueLink technology from Graco.

BlueLink connects managers, painters and their equipment in a completely new way,” explains Daniel Johnson, Global Product Marketing Manager, Graco. “Whether it be on-site, in the office or somewhere in between, thanks to BlueLink everyone has all the essential information at their disposal at any time in order to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Optimally scheduling jobs, creating correct quotations, providing the right amount of paint, localizing equipment, extending their lifespans…the app helps you in every aspect of your job.”

Localize your equipment

BlueLink enables every machine connected by Bluetooth to a BlueLink app (available for iOS and Android) to be tracked – and the AutoConnect function ensures they stay connected. You don’t just gain insight into where your machines are located, but their productivity as well.

Easily follow job progress

BlueLink displays your paint consumption in real-time. This allows you to easily order your paint in time. Based on collected data, you’ll also be able to make a better estimation for your next jobs and draft correct quotations immediately.

Extend equipment lifespan

Tell the app when a machine will need to go in for maintenance and the app will notify you in time. Any issues arising while painting can be ‘recorded’ in the app. This makes it a lot easier to service the machine.

Get assistance faster

BlueLink bundles a considerable amount of useful information, from technical specifications of machinery to item numbers of parts. If you still need help, BlueLink will display the nearest Graco distributors based on your location. This way you can get quick access to Graco product information and your nearby distributor, along with helpful application, maintenance, and parts resources.

Technical details

BlueLink is available in nine languages and various measurement systems (Imperial, Metric etc.). It works with all new FinishPro II PC Pro™, ST Max™PC Pro, Ultra Max™ and Mark Max™ sprayers. The BlueLink app is free to download and does not require any contract or monthly subscription. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

More information

If you still have questions about BlueLink, contact Raf Willen at

or have a look at Graco’s website

Take control of your sprayer and spray job management

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