Blue Hawk Roofing Felt Range

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The Blue Hawk roofing felt range has you covered when it comes to garden sheds, summer houses, pet homes and more.

Summer is finally here and repairs to garden sheds and outdoor buildings are high on the to-do list.

Roofing felt is essential to ensure a non-permanent building can endure all weathers and protect a building’s roof and the valuable contents inside, but where do you start? There are plenty of options out there but Blue Hawk has broken it down into three easy-to-install and affordable solutions, suitable for a range of applications.

The Standard Grade Blue Hawk Sand Finish and Green Mineral Finish felts provide an attractive, weatherproof finish for portable building roofs such as sheds, rabbit hutches and kennels. They can be used on pitched or pent roofs, and with 5-metre or 10-metre length options in both colours, there is something available for all kinds of small and medium-sized jobs.

For larger jobs on pitched and flat roofs, not just on sheds, the Blue Hawk Roofing Felt Green Mineral Finish Heavy Grade does what it says and provides heavy-duty protection. This felt has a green mineral finish and can be used as a durable and reliable waterproof membrane to create an effective water-tight roof. The felt is great at being a top layer for garages, porches, or domestic extensions when it is used as part of a multi-layer roofing system. The Standard Grade Blue Hawk Sand Finish is suitable for use as an underlay.

Blue Hawk Roofing Felt wrappers are 100% paper, which means they can be widely recycled after use.


Steps for preparation


  1. Ensure that the area to be covered does not have any protrusions that could cause damage to the felt. If necessary, ensure all nails have been hammered home and that any screws have been made secure prior to application.
  2. Make sure all boards have been secured and are even.


TOP TIP: Rolling the felt out on a flat surface a few hours before use will enable you to install it quickly and easily without any curling.

Storage: Rolls should be stored in cool, dry covered conditions and stood on their ends to prevent unnecessary creases or flat spots.


Blue Hawk Roofing Felt range


Blue Hawk Roofing Felt Green Mineral

roofing felt

Where can it be used?

Green mineral finish roofing for small jobs such as garden sheds, hutches, and kennels.

Suitable for pitched and pent roofs.

Available roll sizes: 5m x 1m or 10m x 1m

Green Mineral Finish Heavy Grade

heavy grade roofing felt

Where can it be used?

Heavy grade green mineral finish roofing felt for large garden sheds, and when used as part of a multi-layer roofing system for garages, dormers, porches, and small extensions.

Suitable for pitched, pent and flat roofs.

Toolstation customers rate this product highly with many commenting on value for money, good quality “in comparison to its competitors” and how easy it is to work with.

Available roll sizes: 10m x 1m

The Blue Hawk roofing felt range can be found at trade outlets and builders’ merchants. 

Updated Feb 12, 2024 | Posted Jun 3, 2023 | 0 comments


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