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I know the Betsy Paint Mate looks like a massive gimmick and it’s been knocked by a lot of professional decorators already, but I’ve been using one all week and they’re actually not that bad at all. The idea is simple; the Betsy is a paint kettle on a belt, so you can use both hands when working off a ladder.

The Betsy even has a clip for your paintbrush, so it really is hands-free. This is a good win for for health and safety at work.

It’s a bit cumbersome and you need to get used to wearing it. I had a little bit of a mishap on Monday because I caught my paint pot on the side of a scaff and it spilled. The actual paint pot itself unclips dead easily which you need to remember to do every time you’re doing anything other than painting.


Saying that, when it comes to working off a ladder it’s absolutely mint. The pot slides around to wherever it’s easiest to access, your paint is at the perfect hight to use. I got asked to try mine on Monday then ended up using it all week. Not only that but the Bestsy looks superb!! I predict this will become a fashion accessory in the coming years.

I think it’s the way forward. Remember, people scoffed when rollers were first introduced, now look!! I can see every decorator in the UK owning and using one of these in the next 5 years!!

OK, time to get serious. It does work, but looks a bit naff and you  may end up spilling paint. I think the Betsy Paint Mate has a place in the DIY market, but probably not for decorators. Click here for more info.

This blog was written by Mike Cupit, a Professional Decorator of over 20 years and owner of Decorators Forum UK.

Well first things first, thank you to Betsy for sending me the products to review. As before, following the paint mat review I thought I’d give the holster a bash and see how it works and what it could do for me as a business! As before let’s have a scenario…

You’re contracted to paint the outside of the Taj Mahal and you’re up a ginormous ladder petrified and literally trembling! Borderline having an accident, but you know you need to get the job done as little Timmy and Jimmy at home need feeding and the wife needs to have her nails done next week and your Amazon basket is stacking right up. What could you possibly have to make your job a little easier but more importantly safer???? The BETSY…. boom!!!

This little holster has been designed to attach around the waist, allowing both hands to essentially remain free whilst working at height. The beauty of this thing is it has multiple uses. Not only for working at height but also low work works as well.

Now let’s be honest, I know most of you guys of like me are scruffy and covered in paint. So, let’s be fair, none of us are going to win a fashion award with the Betsy on or without. So, let’s just get on with it. Kind of like when your Mum used to drop you at school for the mufti day and she forgot.

You’re the only one there in uniform but never mind there’s always the one kid right but you still got on with it. If you we’re lucky enough mother would rush home and bring you back your favourite Adidas Poppers and Kappa T-shirt. Well, the Betsy is very much the same. Chuck your Betsy on, get on with the task in hand and who cares what others think. You will be the one laughing at the Pub when Big Jimmy comes in with a cast on due to falling off the ladder right? Can you really put a tag on Safety?

I for one am scared of heights and when up a ladder holding a kettle, I’m terrified. I found the Betsy holder fits perfectly in a ladder standoff which makes it even better to use at the heights. It comes with various pots and lids which are useful for them overnight storage.

If I had one criticism it would maybe be to try and scales the holder down in size and make it hipper, friendly, but apart from that I’ll certainly use it!

Get safe and get a Betsy.

Tom Holloway

Professional Decorator

Updated May 3, 2024 | Posted Mar 22, 2019 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.
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  1. Thomas Dunleavy

    What’s the deal for doing low, or got to bend or kneel down..

    • Dave

      Never seen this product before, I guess you would simply remove it from the belt.


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