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Benjamin Moore Scuff X review by Real Decorators

Updated Aug 10, 2022 | Posted Jun 10, 2019 | Product Advice, Professional insight | 12 comments

Benjamin Moore Scuff X is a water-based paint, available in a satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss finish. It can be used on interior trim such as skirting boards, doors and windowsills. This is a high-end American paint brand which is self-priming over previously painted surfaces. You can purchase the Benjamin Moore online from the Decorating Centre.

Benjamin Moore is very expensive, but is it worth it’s high price tag? We asked professional decorators from the Decorators Forum UK to give us their Benjamin Moore Scuff X reviews. This is what they came back with.


Benjamin Moore Scuff X is the best acrylic satinwood I’ve used. It goes for miles, has great opacity and has a nicer finish than oil in my opinion.

Lee Thornton

I haven’t used a Benjamin Moore paint that I’m not impressed with, the Scuff x goes through a hvlp perfectly, the grip quality is excellent. It will grip on to old gloss without sanding.

The Benjamin Moore Stix primer is a brilliant primer/undercoat, de-nibs lovely.

The advanced is a brilliant paint. A lot of people say because it’s a hybrid it will yellow, but it’s not like a UK hybrid, and it will only yellow if it no light at all. I mean like the inside of a cupboard, as long as it has some natural light it won’t yellow. It’s bullet proof once it’s cured.

Aura is fantastic paint as well; the finishes are gorgeous.

Adam Featherston - Benjamin Moore Scuff X review

Scuff-x satin is Phenomenal stuff. It works a lot like oil-based paint, but it’s a nicer finish. No undercoat required, it’s a 2-coat system like oil. It may be a lot more expensive, but you are saving a 3rd coat like other water-based products applied with a brush. It’s hard wearing, goes for miles, one of the best products out there. Faultless

Joseph Daniel


I love Benjamin Moore Scuff X, worth every penny. It has a better finish than any oil-based paint I have ever used. Opacity and ease of use are fantastic too!

Steven Rowe

I don’t want to use anything else. Benjamin Moore always goes on lovely and leaves a great tough finish. Well worth its price tag in my opinion.

Warren Atlee

Scuff x satin sprays a dream levels out nicely leaving great finish, not the cheapest but worth it in my opinion. I love using it, whether I’m applying by brush or airless sprayer. My clients are always blown away with the quality of the finish.

Ryan Micheal Foulger

I have never used the semi-gloss, but the satin and eggshell are the best I’ve ever come across. In my opinion, it’s better than oil based.

Yes, it’s expensive, but I still think its value for money. I use it on nearly every job, it’s never failed me and you can’t and you can’t put a price on that.

I’ve tried a lot of other water based products, some are very good, but they never perform in every department, whereas Scuff-X does- opacity, durability, finish, ease of use, colour retention, it’s got the lot.

Jim Ware

It all depends on client budget at the end of the day, but I can honestly say Benjamin Moore Scuff X is the best satinwood on the market by a long way. No other oil-based paint comes close, let alone water-based, comes close.

Coverage is great, meaning the paint goes a long way. It adheres well to previously painted surfaces. It is very easy to apply, and it’s scuff resistant. Literally everything you could ask for in a paint. It even smells nice!! I try and guide all my clients towards this now.

Andrew Cable - Benjamin Moore Scuff X review


I have been using Benjamin Moore on all of my jobs as a decorator for almost a year now. Prior to that I was put off by the price, but it often works out cheaper!! The paint seems to go for miles, and it takes less coats. Plus, the finish is always superb and very durable.

I don’t even give my clients the choice now. I explain at the quoting stage which paints I use and why I use them. It isn’t a hard sell to be honest. For an extra £100 in paint, every surface in a room will look absolutely stunning. Their guests will walk in and comment on the paint work. The Decorating Centre is the best place to buy it too.

Bob James

You need to use Benjamin Moore to understand how good it is. Much better than anything else on the market and worth every penny. I don’t think there’s another paint brand you could ask decorators to review and every one of them only had positive things to say.

Joe Loyns

Benjamin Moore Scuff X is genuinely the best water-based satinwood on the market. Anyone can use it and get a good finish. It’s thin, so you can apply it quickly, but you can still work it, so cutting in isn’t an issue.

The finish is luxurious, but you can’t get this paint in a Brilliant White finish. In fact, it looks grey if you compare it to other brands such as Dulux Diamond. It does have a certain depth and you’ll never have any issues with brush or roller marks.

Joe Frances

Benjamin Moore Scuff X is the best paint on the market for interior woodwork. It is expensive, but my clients are paying for a professional job, so paying a little bit more for paint is not an issue. Particularly if it means they’ll get a better finish.

Phil Dawe

Scuff X is the satinwood I use on all my jobs. It is very expansive, but it only works out costing around £40 more per room than any other good water-based paint. I explain why I use it to each customers and give them the choice.

They always go for Benjamin Moore on my recommendation, and they’re never disappointed. I’d like to start using more Benjamin Moore products really.

Sheldon Hanley - Benjamin Moore Scuff X review

Updated Aug 10, 2022 | Posted Jun 10, 2019 | 12 comments

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  1. Lee dibble

    Hi looking at spraying my first kitchen for a well of is hand made and painted from new. I’ve heard great things about your product so looking for advice on adhesion primer and a satin finish. The colour hssnt been finalized yet. Any information and recommendations on products you supply will be good

  2. zbigniew rajchel

    I am thinking of painting my new bare MDF ( unpainted) kitchen cabinet doors with scuff X.Is this the best paint to use and what finish would you recommend ie semi gloss, satin,etc.

    • Wayne Archibald

      I’m a huge Benjamin Moore user and love Scuff X! Doesn’t dry as smooth as Advance, yet it dries faster and to me is more resistant! And not that expensive up here in Canada compared to other B.M. products!

  3. Nicholas Crolla

    Would I need to sand down a varnished door before applying scruff X?

    • Mike Cupit

      Yes, and then an adhesion primer

  4. Darren Wu

    Want to use this to spray paint my interior white aluminum window frames to a black colour. Would this paint be ideal for that?

  5. Howard Johnson

    What colours available?

    Where can the paint be bought?
    ( I’m living at Lytham near Blackpool )

  6. Tony

    Just used BM scuff x eggshell for the first time. Will never use it again. 3 coats still hasn’t achieved a uniform finish. Much like most BM products just doesn’t live up to the hype.

    • N8 the Painter

      Lol! As a professional painter for 25 years, who does only high end work… you’re using it incorrectly. Not a shred of doubt about it! Also, I shudder to think of what alternative you find superior to Benny.

  7. Barb Driftmier

    We are hiring a professional paint company to do our kitchen and bathroom cabinets plus all our interior doors, trim and baseboards. One uses Scuff X, two coats (one a primer?), the other uses Cloverdale Premium precat lacquer for the cabinets with SW Emerald or BM Advance for trim and baseboards. Both companies take all doors/drawer fronts off site to their spray paint booth facilities, with trim and baseboards done in our home. We live in Canada.

    Hubby and I are so undecided between the two products. Your thoughts?

  8. Marie

    Hi, Is the picture you have on this website with the railing a satin finish? Do you find scuffix satin to look more like a semi gloss? Thank you!

    • Lee

      No it’s eggshell


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