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B-I-N® AQUA – the industry leading trace VOC water-based 4-in-1 primer

Zinsser, the brand famous for solving painting and decorating problems, has launched its most innovative product yet – B-I-N® AQUA.  

B-I-N® AQUA is a water based, 4-in-1 primer that delivers the same advantages as world-renowned Zinsser B-I-N® and is available from today in paint merchants nationwide.  

According to the British Coatings Federation, waterbourne decorative products made up 83% of all sales by volume over the last year, B-I-N® AQUA has launched as a direct response to increased consumer demand for more sustainable products.  

Andy Shaw, Head of R&D and Regulatory for Zinsser UK, said: “After a decade of product development and extensive market research, we found that there was a huge gap in the UK decorating industry for a water-based alternative to our most renowned shellac product, B-I-N®, loved by decorators across the world. 

“The decorators in the industry told us that they were searching for products containing lower VOC levels and easier clean-up when in between busy work schedules. Our mission with the launch of B-I-N® AQUA was to achieve the lowest practicable level of VOCs and we’ve succeeded with less than 0.1%. The advanced water-based formula makes it easier to clean-up and coupled with the trusted characteristics Zinsser’s products boast make this product a game-changer for the industry.” 

Applying BIN Aqua Primer to a timber gate

The unique water-based formulation contains a durable and robust resin that promises the same trusted performance advantages as B-I-N® alongside the added advantage of outdoor use – limited to spot application in the original Zinsser B-I-N®.  

With an advanced high-hiding formulation, B-I-N® AQUA is excellent for both interior and exterior projects and can be used as a full-surface primer on varnish, glossy paint, wood panels, building boards, PVC, plywood and more.  

The specialist stain-killing formula blocks tannin bleed, water, grease, oil, mildew, crayon, lipstick stains and delivers effective knot blocking, seals resin and sap streaks.  

Alongside lightning-fast drying times, B-I-N® AQUA, blocks smoke stains, seals odours from fire damage, nicotine, soot, fireplaces and heaters.  

B-I-N® AQUA is now available at paint merchants nationwide in 500ml, 1L, 2.5L and 5L pack sizes. It can be applied by airless sprayer, brush, roller and is available in white or can be tinted to pastel and mid-tone colours.  

Application information: 

Coverage: 9m2 per Litre 

Touch Dry: 25 minutes 

Full Cure: 5-7 days 

Recoatable: 45 minutes  

BIN Aqua Primer

The Zinsser range of products include professional coatings for interior and exterior use and each of Zinsser’s paints, primers and removal solutions have a trusted reputation, making the brand a must-have in any decorator’s van and a top seller for paint merchants.  

For further information on Zinsser’s range and services, please visit  

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