Axus Silk Touch Ultra Paintbrushes

Axus Silk Touch Ultra Paintbrushes have been on the market for a month or so now. They’re designed for use with both water and oil-based paints.

They have soft synthetic bristles, but they’re quite springy and hold their shape well. This means it’s very easy to manipulate the paint as you need to. The bristles are also chemically flagged, which means the tips are split for a better lay-off. Even a toddler can avoid brush marks with this brush!

Axus Decor Silk Touch Ultra Paintbrush

Designed for using on a wide range of surfaces including walls, ceilings, wood and metal, this specially crafted brush provides not only an elevation to your work, but also delivers precision, durability and sustainability.

Another feature of this Axus paint brush is a grade 304 stainless steel ferrule providing exceptional corrosion resistance. Oh, and a premium laser-etched handle, providing slip-resistance for a secure and comfortable hold.

There is also plenty of space between the bristles. This is brilliant because it means the brush holds more paint and washes out quickly and easily after use.

Available in a wide range of sizes including 1″,1.5″,2″,2.5″ & 3″. If you’re looking for.

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