Axus Q3 Powder Filler Review

Axus Q3 Powder Filler

By Phill Southam


Sands really smooth

Comes in separate 1kg bags

Sticks to anything, no matter what your filling


Quite hard to sand

Takes ages to dry if over 2/3mm

Twice the price of easy fill

A great general powder filler with great adhesion and easy to mould on fine filling. The downside is not many people use powder filler for fine filling with the market flooded with convenient ‘ready mixed’ fillers. That and the 3hrs drying time doesn’t seem to be true at “any depth”.

I was recently given a 5kg bag of Axus Q3 filler from their new filler range to test out. My first initial thought was how handy that inside the 5kg bag were 5x 1kg separate bags.




This is ideal as big bags of filler tend to go off pretty soon after being opened, especially in winter months. After reading the claims on the packaging about drying times and “any depth”, I thought I would put it to the test on a job that would truly give it a run for its money. I had a ceiling that was skimmed up to a fitted wardrobe, but the wardrobe was removed after, so I had to flush it out.


This kind of thing probably isn’t what the Q3 is meant for. I think it’s more of a general filler, rather than a drylining/filling compound like easyfill, but this would test some of the features boasted.

Q3 powder filler review Axus

I mixed the first load up with a drill & paddle and applied the first thicker coat around 830am. The filler didn’t mix very well and was lumpy, even though I had mixed it for quite a while, but it didn’t matter as it was just the first coat. The house had the heating on and it was comfortably warm with a window open for ventilation. I checked on the filler after the stated 3 hours and it was still as if I had just applied it which was disappointing. The filler still wasn’t dry enough for the second coat until 3:30pm (7hrs) and even then, It was still very soft. I just about managed to get another coat on.

The next day it was dry as a bone and ready to sand. It was quite difficult to sand by hand but luckily, I had my Mirka with me. The edges sanded out really smooth and gave a really good finish.


Axus Q3 powder filler review – To visit Axus’ website click here

Axus Q3 powder filler review
Axus Q3 powder filler review

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Axus Q3 Powder Filler