Axus Q3 Filler review

By Rob Greenwood


Great filler, but the packaging needs revising.

The Axus Q3 filler is a brilliant, hard setting, highly adhesive filler that sands down with relative ease. Creating a perfectly smooth surface ready to paint.


· Strong adhesion

· Quick drying

· Smooth finish

· Paper packaging, better for the environment

· Minimal shrinkage


· Plastic bags inside paper packaging were all split

· Flashes if not patched in prior to two full coats of emulsion

I found it hard to fault Axus Q3 filler as a product. Yes, it did need a brush full of paint over it before I applied two full coats of emulsion to the walls, but I think that is acceptable practice for most fillers. My main issue with the product was the packaging itself. The paper bags are a great step forward in becoming eco-friendlier and I back this 100%. I understand the need to use some plastic to protect the filler from the elements when it is in storage, but every single plastic bag within the 5 kg package had split open. I don’t believe this was done in transit as the paper package had no splits or obvious damage caused to it.

Q3 filler is a great all-round filler, it can be used to fill deeper imperfections by mixing it to a mastic like consistency. It can also be used as a fine filler by adding more water to it when mixing. Q3 filler can be used to fill most substrates and that makes it stand out as a product, from glossy surfaces, such as glazed tiles and old oil-based paint, to concrete and plasterboard. The Q3 filler has marble dust in it. This puts its ability to fine fill on par with some of the other market leaders.

In conclusion I think the Axus Q3 filler is a brilliant product, I would recommend it and I will be using it again myself. I will not buy the larger 5KG packets again until the plastic bag issue has been addressed, but will instead buy the smaller packets as these do not seem to have the same issue.


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Axus Q3 Filler Review
Axus Q3 Filler Review bags splitting

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Axus Q3 Filler Review