Axus Q3 filler Review

Chris Brettle


Axus Q3 filler is a rapid drying filler for repairs of any size/thickness, and fine smoothing before painting.

Does not flash or remain noticeable when over-coated with two coats of most good quality emulsions.

Recoatable in 3 hours*
Holds extremely well onto most substrates, even glazed tiles & old oil-based paint
Contains marble dust for a very fine, durable finish
Minimal shrinkage

ADHERES TO: Plaster, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, other fillers, cement, concrete, aerated concrete & more.

APPLY WITH: Filling knife or broad knife.

SETS IN: 30 to 40 mins

RECOAT IN: *3 hours as a guideline, but this varies depending on ambient conditions and the nature of the substrate.

Tip: Vary mixing ratio according to application; mix into a mastic-like paste for heavy refilling

Interior Only!



We got sent the Axus Q3 filler to trial, so I sent it out with some of our lads to see if it does what Axus claim it does.
It was used on a new build property on both plasterboard walls and woodwork.
The following was reported back,
  • Mixed easily and was useable for around 30 minutes.
  • Easy to apply, and was dry enough to sand after about 5 hours.
  • It dries more of a grey colour than the off white claimed.
  • It didn’t sink even on deeper filled areas.
  • The biggest issue was sanding down, the lads reported that it dries really hard and rubbing down was difficult.
  • Once rubbed down the paint seem to take to it and adhere well.
To sum up quite a good filler, but not for the new build market, there are other fillers out there that are better suited for New Work.
Axus Q3 Filler Review – For more information click here to visit the Axus website

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