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These are my initial thoughts having tried out the new Q3 Filler from Axus Décor. The product is a powder filler, which comes packaged in 5 individual 1kg plastic bags inside a larger paper bag (so 5kg in total). They claim it is a “rapid drying filler for repairs of any size/thickness, and fine smoothing before painting”, and can be used on a variety of substrates (plasterboard, plaster, wood, concrete etc).


My Axus Décor Q3 Filler Review


I think the mistake a lot of people will make when seeing this product in stores is to think “Powder filler – must be like Easi-Fill/Polyfilla/Tetrion/Toupret”…and it’s not. If I’m being critical, Axus Décor could make this clearer in their list of product benefits on the packaging. Don’t get me wrong – you can use it for “fine smoothing before painting” (as they claim), and for filling holes and cracks in plasterwork, as you would with any regular powder filler. That’s what I did, and got a really smooth finish, I must say, but it took a lot of work to get there. Not initially – my first impression was how easily this mixed up to the right consistency, and how nicely it applied onto the wall.

So, first impressions of the Axus Decor Q3 filler were great, but when I came to rub it down the next day, that’s when the hard work began! This stuff sticks to anything and dries rock hard! My poor Mirka Deros (somebody needs to set up a decorators’ web site called “Compare the Mirkas”, by the way!) was asking for compassionate leave after the first hour! Once sanded, it looks and feels lovely, and paints over really nicely, but it’s tough stuff!

So then I looked back at the packaging, thinking maybe I’d done something wrong, maybe I hadn’t mixed it correctly or something. That’s when I noticed the other claims on the packaging:

· “Holds extremely well onto most substrates, even glazed tiles and old oil-based paint

· “Contains marble dust for a very fine, durable finish”

Now it begins to make sense to me. What Axus have here isn’t a regular powder filler. It’s a different technology, something a bit more specialist for those difficult jobs where a regular filler won’t cut it. Seen in that light, it’s a great product, and does exactly what it claims – sticks to anything, sets rock hard. It’s just not a product that I, as a regular domestic decorator, would have as much use for – it’s more of a specific problem-solver rather than an everyday Easi-Fill type product. If you think of it in those terms, it’s great. If you think of it as an Easi-Fill alternative, your Mirka will hate you!



Axus Décor Q3 Filler Review - Good and Honest - Decorator's forum UK

A powder filler used for interior repairs.

Product Brand: Axus Decor

Editor's Rating:


  • Great adhesion.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Durable, for long lasting repairs.


  • Difficult to sand.
  • Axus don’t make it clear what this filler is for.

Axus Q3 filler is a rapid drying filler for repairs of any size/thickness, and fine smoothing before painting. As a professional decorator, I was asked by the Decorators Forum UK to write an honest review. I hope you find this blog useful.

One of the best qualities of the Axus Q3 filler is it does not flash or remain noticeable when over-coated with two coats of most good quality emulsions.

Recoatable in 3 hours, which is brilliant*

Axus Q3 holds extremely well onto most substrates, even glazed tiles & old oil-based gloss paint. Contains marble dust for a very fine, durable finish and minimal shrinkage.

ADHERES TO: Plaster, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, other fillers, cement, concrete, aerated concrete & more.

APPLY WITH: Filling knife or broad knife.

SETS IN: 30 to 40 mins

RECOAT IN: *3 hours as a guideline, but this varies depending on ambient conditions and the nature of the substrate.

Tip: Vary mixing ratio according to application; mix into a mastic-like paste for heavy refilling

Interior Only!


It was used on a new build property on both plasterboard walls and woodwork.
The following was reported back,
  • Mixed easily and was useable for around 30 minutes.
  • Easy to apply, and was dry enough to sand after about 5 hours.
  • It dries more of a grey colour than the off white claimed.
  • It didn’t sink even on deeper filled areas.
  • The biggest issue was sanding down, the lads reported that it dries really hard and rubbing down was difficult.
  • Once rubbed down the paint seem to take to it and adhere well.
To sum up quite a good quality filler and one I use on a regular basis.
For more information click here to visit the Axus website
Chris Brettle

Professional Decorator


The Axus Q3 filler is a brilliant, hard setting, highly adhesive filler that sands down with relative ease. Creating a perfectly smooth surface ready to paint.

I was sent some of the Axus Decor Q3 filler from the guys at the Decorators Forum Uk and asked to conduct an unbiased review, based on my experience as a professional decorator.

I found it hard to fault Axus Q3 filler as a product. Yes, it did need a brush full of paint over it before I applied two full coats of emulsion to the walls, but I think that is acceptable practice for most fillers. My main issue with the product was the packaging itself. The paper bags are a great step forward in becoming eco-friendly and I back this 100%.

I understand the need to use some plastic to protect the filler from the elements when it is in storage, but every single plastic bag within the 5 kg package had split open. I don’t believe this was done in transit as the paper package had no splits or obvious damage caused to it. I was probably unlucky to be fair. I can’t see a world where most bags of filler are split on the shelves at your local decorating centre. Maybe my sack of Axus Q3 had been rough-handled by the courier, who knows.

Axus Q3 filler is a great all-round product, it can be used to fill deeper imperfections by mixing it to a mastic like consistency. It can also be used as a fine filler by adding more water to it when mixing. Q3 filler can be used to fill most substrates and that makes it stand out as a product, from glossy surfaces, such as glazed tiles and old oil-based gloss paint, to concrete and plasterboard. The Q3 filler has marble dust in it. This puts its ability to fine fill on par with some of the other market leaders.

In conclusion, I think the Axus Q3 filler is a brilliant product, I would recommend it and I will be using it again myself. I will not buy the larger 5KG packets again until the plastic bag issue has been addressed, but will instead buy the smaller packets as these do not seem to have the same issue.

If you want any more info, click here to visit Axus

Rob Greenwood

Professional Decorator


Axus Q3 powder filler is a great general filler with great adhesion and easy to mould on fine filling. The downside is not many people use powder filler for fine filling with the market flooded with convenient ‘ready mixed’ fillers. That and the 3hrs drying time doesn’t seem to be true at “any depth”.

I was recently given a 5kg bag of Axus Q3 filler from their new filler range to test out. My first initial thought was how handy that inside the 5kg bag were 5x 1kg separate bags.

This is ideal as big bags of filler tend to go off pretty soon after being opened, especially in winter months. After reading the claims on the packaging about drying times and “any depth”, I thought I would put it to the test on a job that would truly give it a run for its money.

I had a ceiling that was skimmed up to a fitted wardrobe, but the wardrobe was removed after, so I had to flush it out.

This kind of thing probably isn’t what the Q3 is meant for. I think it’s more of a general filler, rather than a drylining/filling compound like easyfill, but this would test some of the features boasted.

I mixed the first load up with a drill & paddle and applied the first thicker coat around 830am. The filler didn’t mix very well and was lumpy, even though I had mixed it for quite a while, but it didn’t matter as it was just the first coat. The house had the heating on and it was comfortably warm with a window open for ventilation. I checked on the filler after the stated 3 hours and it was still as if I had just applied it which was disappointing. The filler still wasn’t dry enough for the second coat until 3:30pm (7hrs) and even then, It was still very soft. I just about managed to get another coat on.

The next day it was dry as a bone and ready to sand. It was quite difficult to sand by hand but luckily, I had my Mirka with me. The edges sanded out really smooth and gave a really good finish.


Mike Gregory

Professional Decorator

Updated May 21, 2024 | Posted Dec 3, 2019 | 2 comments

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  1. DaveG

    Very helpful piece on Axus Decor 3 .

  2. Terry cane

    Easifill is for jointing, not general decorating, far to soft and doesn’t adhere to anything, being a decorator of 36 years I wouldn’t use easi fill if it were free, but having tried the axis q3 very impressed does what it says a bit like toupret tx110.


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