Avko Interior Luxury Paint – The great alternative for the clients who think they want Farrow & Ball

Missus Sultan Reviews: Avko Interior Luxury Paint

“The great alternative clients who think they want Farrow & Ball.”

We were invited to the Avko  headquarters in Hamble a few months ago to try out their range of decorating finishes. Sultan Decorators are now Accredited Decorators for Avko Interior Luxury Paint. We’ve already used the Matt Luxury Emulsion on a bunch of projects now and all clients are over the moon with the results. It’s a great alternative to the clients who think they want Farrow & Ball.


  • The consistency is flawless, it almost never drips and if it did, there is no splash.
  • The coverage and opacity are overall fantastic, although we did struggle a little with this bonkers green and had to add an extra coat.

  • The finish is really gorgeous and on par with, say a correctly applied Farrow & Ball emulsion – but with less hassle.
  • While on the subject on the marmite brand of decorators, F&B, the branding and inhouse colours of Avko are just as good if not better – which means that they are a great alternative for those interior design type customers. Beats F&B on price as well, especially with a trade discount.
  • The team at Avko are lovely and they even have a company dog, which is cuter than that hairy Dulux one that Dulux drag to Coventry every year.
  • These guys can colour match your grandma’s underwear if you needed them too.


  • Just like with Tikkurila or Benjamin Moore, you’ll have to order it. Which sometimes can be an extra hurdle when the clients choose colour late or you have to order in more.
    They’re unknown so you will have to sell it to your clients.
  • The Sharazade and Madreperla ranges can be tricky to apply, we really recommend the one day training course which you can book here


The Sultans will continue to offer Avko to clients who want a sumptuous and classy finish. We are also looking forward to meeting a client who will be interested in using the specialist finishes (check out the Sharazade and Madreperla ranges – they are awesome for those clients who need a touch of luxury).  A high end paint at a good price which will appeal to both decorators and clients.

For more information on Avko visit their website by clicking here

I’m Diana Voxerbrant aka Missus Sultan and I run Sultan Decorators Ltd in Muswell Hill, London. We pride ourselves on high quality customer service and excellent finish. Do follow us on Instagram & Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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