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Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Trend Report

Updated Jul 6, 2022 | Posted May 31, 2022 | Industry, Industry news | 0 comments

As the world moves on from the past few years of uncertainty, it isn’t just our lives that have changed dramatically, but our homes too.    


We have become braver with the colour choices in our homes, moving away from safe and slightly muted spaces to breaking the boundaries and expressing ourselves in a more daring manner. We have also had to adapt our spaces to ensure they work for the modern-day way of living. With rapidly rising house prices throughout the UK, there is an increase in renters and multi-generational households, and home design needs to reflect these arrangements.  


Moving into autumn/winter 2022, and with the growing concern of climate change, we are becoming more conscious of what we choose to buy. Upcycling, recycling, and repurposing will lead the way – not just in the interiors sector, but across the fashion and beauty industries too.  

The colour palettes of our autumn/winter 2022 trends are carefully considered to ensure they work for all occupants, whether homeowners or renters. Using paint can bring individual style and truly transform a living space. 



Altered – Break the boundaries!  

Crown Paints: Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Trend Report
most fashionable colours for paint

Altered is all about being expressive, unpredictable, and breaking the boundaries from the traditional order.  


Multicoloured and expressive, this trend invites playfulness into our interiors with a revived 1970s colour palette of soft eclectic tones, which are sophisticated, yet fun! Combining the Avant-garde, through playful artwork and by painting areas that are often unexpected, this trend allows us to express our creativity through colour and explores unconventional ideas into interiors in a fun and creative way. 


“We wanted to capture freedom of expression, the unconventional and breaking boundaries. Paint and colour are shown in unexpected places. We’ve purposely chosen to break free of room geometry and place the focus on areas which are ordinarily ignored or an afterthought.”  

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Consultant  

CONSCIOUS – An ethical and considered approach 

Crown Paints: Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Trend Report - natural colours
Crown Paints: Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Trend Report - natural colours for your walls

As consumer buying habits continue to have a more considered approach, Conscious shines a light on the beauty that sustainable products and materials have to offer.  


Aiming to show that anything can be created from nature without wasting it, the theme of re-purposing is key to the Conscious trend. Inspired by natural materials such as cork, stone, reclaimed brick, sawdust and jute, these materials can all be repurposed and given a new life.  


With the demand for more ethically sourced products, our buying choices have become more responsible and considerate as we demand more from the materials we buy. The neutral and earthy colour palettes evoke a feeling of calm and convey stability. This look can be introduced subtly with creams, light browns and greys or for a punchier look, bring in deep and rich burgundy and purple tones. 


“Inspired by moulded forms that stand out and integrate with the architecture of the interior. This collection of natural colours is perfect with stripped back wood and patterned textiles to create spaces that make you relax. Simple yet sophisticated, these colours offer a way to interact with the materiality of individual components within the interior.”  


Neville Knott, Crown Colour Specialist. 

DEFINE – Turning day into night  

most fashionable colours for paint
Crown Paints: Autumn Winter 2022 Colour Trend Report

As we reinvent the areas of our home to accommodate multi-generational living, Define is taking charge of adapting our living spaces.  


Offering a rich and warm colour palette, the sophisticated deep tones transform spaces into ambient cosy hideouts. Taking inspiration from high-end hotels, moody restaurant interiors and historical cinema rooms it is blurring the lines between day and night. 


Define uses a combination of colours to create zones that adapt a space into multiple uses. Colour blocking is the perfect tool for this. Deep rich colours dominate this palette, which pairs beautifully with metallic finishes and plush velvet accessories for a luxurious feel. Think Maximalist style on a minimalist design scheme.  


“This colour palette is beautifully warm and with a touch of retro. All colours can be combined with each other and in this way, exciting light-dark colour effects can be achieved.  


Perfect for designing rooms in multiple colours, for emphasising individual living areas or for dividing rooms into different zones such as the home office, dining area and living room. In these cases, ‘Define’ provides a variety of options.”  

Mareike Nacke, Crown Colour Consultant 

Updated Jul 6, 2022 | Posted May 31, 2022 | 0 comments

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