Having good quality tools makes all the difference in decorating. I’ve been a Professional Painter for over 20 years, and even I would struggle to achieve a good finish with cheap kit, particularly brushes and rollers. I thought I’d take a little bit of time to sit down and write about what I think are the best paint rollers on the market.

First of all, you should steer clear of DIY type tools and opt for the brands us Decorators use. That means staying away from places like B&Q or Homebase and opting for trade paint outlets. There are various places online you can shop for these tools.


What is the Best Paint Roller to Paint Ceilings?


Purdy Colossus Paint Roller

I thought I’d start with the brand I’ve been using throughout my career. The Purdy colossus holds and distributes a ridiculous amount of paint over large areas. This is the perfect paint roller for painting ceilings.

The Purdy Colossus roller comes as a 9, 12 or 18-inch, so just opt for the size that suits the area you’re painting. Although if you’re in doubt, go for the 9-inch, as you’ll be able to use it anywhere. You can also use this paint roller for interior walls and exterior masonry.

As mentioned above, the colossus roller spreads a huge amount of paint, so it is perfect for applying thick coats quickly. It is one of the best paint rollers on the market, but there is one disadvantage –

The roller sleeve sheds little blue fibres on its first run out. It is fine from the second use onwards. I often wrap and unwrap a new roller with duct tape, which pulls any rogue fibres out. This seems to solve the issue.

I’d still highly recommend these rollers. I use a Purdy Colossus on pretty much every ceiling I paint. Nothing else comes close.

What is the Best Paint Roller for Walls?


Rolling walls is a little bit different to rolling ceilings. It becomes less about applying thick coats of paint, and more about creating a fine finish. The rollers still need to hold a lot of paint, otherwise you will never achieve an even finish. However, it becomes more about avoiding noticeable orange peel. I’ll give you a couple of my favourite paint roller recommendations for this type of work.

Hamilton Perfection Green Paint Roller (medium pile)

Hamilton are a brand associated with the trade, and these rollers are possibly the most widely used by Professional Decorators. You can buy them online by clicking here, or basically any trade decorating centre!! Again, as with a lot of medium pile rollers, I prefer to go for 12 inch most of the time. Not just because of the time saved by going big, but it’s also easier to achieve a better finish.

Paint pick-up and distribution are good, but the best attribute to these rollers is how flat and even the paint finish is. There is barely any texture in the finish at all. I like using Hamilton medium pile for any vinyl matt or durable emulsion paints, but tend to go for something that holds a bit more material when using cheap contract matt.

Hamilton are the best paint rollers for walls

Axus Silk Touch Roller Sleeve

Axus Silk Touch deserves a mention as one of the best paint rollers for use in emulsion. It’s completely lint-free, even on first use. It holds a good amount of paint, and seems to distribute it evenly, regardless of whether you’re at the start of your roll or the end.

One of the things that really strikes me about this roller is how little spatter there is. This is a breath of fresh air because it means you don’t get covered in paint, and neither does your woodwork.

And finally, the finish you can achieve with the Axus Silk Touch Paint Roller is bang on! It really is silky-smooth, with no orange peel at all. This is because the fibres on this roller are wound very densely. Anyone can use this roller and achieve a nice finish.

What are the Best Paint Rollers for Oil-Based Gloss?


I thought I’d include a little section for gloss, as you will need a certain type of roller to apply this type of paint to good standard. Traditionally, the best oil-based gloss rollers are foam, and most people opt for a 4-inch, or “mini roller”.

It doesn’t really matter which foam mini roller you go for, as they all do the same job. It does need to be new for each job, as does your tray or scuttle. This is to ensure you avoid getting dust and other contaminants in your paint. There’s nothing worse than applying a high-gloss finish, only to find little bits in it.

Best Roller for Applying Woodwork Paint


This section covers oil-based satinwood and eggshell, and any water-based trim paint. I thought I’d bundle it all together because I use the same rollers for all these paints.

Two Fussy Blocks

These paint rollers have been available for a while now. I can remember when they were launched. It was like a revolution! Two Fussy Blokes were the first paint rollers you could use for applying paint to woodwork and you wouldn’t need to lay-off afterwards (brush over after applying the paint via roller).

They hold loads of paint, last for a long time, and leave your woodwork looking blemish free. They’re easy to use too. I’d highly recommend, especially when using water-based paint. Most Decorators I know use them.

Axus Silk Touch 4-inch

The second mention for Axus Silk Touch on this blog. I normally use Two Fussy Blokes paint rollers on woodwork, except when I need to apply thick coats of paint. For example, when I’m going for a colour change, or I’m painting new woodwork.

Silk Touch rollers are perfect for this. They do indeed apply generous coats of paint, but it’s always even and with very little orange peel. This means you can cut down on the number of coats of paint needed.

What are the Best Roller Frames?


OK, I’ve mentioned a few different brands of roller sleeve in the above sections. It may interest you to know that each brand of sleeve is compatible with each brand of roller frame. It may be easier to buy your roller and frame as a kit, or you can do what I do, and cherry pick the best of both worlds.

I don’t like Purdy roller 9-inch cages as they tend to break. However, the Purdy Quick Release for larger roller sleeves is fantastic. Swapping sleeves is made very easy, and they tend to last.

Ciret (Rota) are good for the price you can pick them up for, but if you’re using it every day as I do, they don’t tend to last. Ciret frames might be perfect if you’re a Handyman or DIYer, as you won’t hammer it in the same way a decorator would.

For a 9inch sleeve you should go for the Hamilton Perfection Cage Frame, available online, this sleek paint roller cage offers a robust wooden handle, and a stainless-steel arm and cage. It’s lightweight and the sleeves fit nicely. What more could you ask for?


For a 12inch roller sleeve, go for Purdy. The beauty of an “adjustable” frame is you can use it with 12 and 15inch roller sleeves without issue. This roller frame is manufactured from a robust plastic, making it light and easy to operate. You will need to keep the mechanism in order to keep it moving freely (I put a little bit of tape on it while I’m painting). Click here to see online prices.


Roller Poles


I’m not going to bore you with a whole section on this. Any roller pole with a screw attachment for the frame will work well. You can either go for Purdy or Hamilton. Click here to see current prices.


Final Thoughts


I have tried so many paint rollers over the years, but always revert back to my favourites. Having a good roller really will make a huge difference to the finish you achieve when decorating. Whether you’re trying to avoid flashing on a ceiling, orange peel on a wall, or uneven paint on your woodwork; your main priority should be a good quality roller.

The Best Paint Rollers on the Market by Mike Gregory


What do Other Decorators Think?

I do love Hamilton Green paint rollers, and they’re so easy to come by when you are unorganised.

But I love the Two Fussy Blokes. They give such a good finish 😎

Carla Walker