Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satin v Benjamin Moore Scuff X. Which is better?
Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satin v Benjamin Moore Scuff X. Which is better?

Aqua Guard Satin v Scuff X

By Chris Green


I have read a lot of opinions on various forums about Scuff X being a bombproof satin and the best on the market, so I did a test. I painted the right hand side of the door with 2 coats of Scuff X and the left with 1 Aqua undercoat and one Aqua Guard Satin. Both cover well and have a solid feel to them.

I asked my wife to decide which paint we would use for our kitchen. She picked Aqua Guard Satin because she said it covered better and had more depth to the feel. This confirmed previous tests I had done with them.

The most surprising factor was, after leaving the samples 5 weeks to fully cure I put the Mirka Deros down the join when I started to prep and couldn’t believe how quickly the” bombproof” Scuff X came off. If you care about giving your customers the very best, hard-wearing satin finish then Aqua Guard Satin wins hands down.

Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satin v Benjamin Moore Scuff X. Which is better?
how durable is Benjamin Moore Scuff x?

Both of these satins are fully water-based, however the Aqua undercoat is technically a hybrid.

Aqua Guard satin is widely available from any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre, as well as a load of other stockists and online. You can have this product tinted into just about any colour from Johnstone’s vast range. Aqua Guard is a premium product, but still comes in a little cheaper than Scuff X if you’re entitled to any sort of trade discount.

Benjamin Moore Scuff X is imported from the USA by Shaw Paints. One advantage of using this product is you can apply it directly to oil-based coatings without the need for an additional primer. Scuff X really is a premium product with a premium price tag. It isn’t widely available either. Most decorators order it online.

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Aqua Guard Satin v Scuff X