Another Dreamer – Decorating quote

By John Regan


Another dreamer, insisting he wants a ‘very high end finish’ I went to look at it on Saturday & the builder’s labours we’re starting the mist coat with neat emulsion 😖 I told him to stop them immediately

This is in a very large property, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, cinema room, 3 lounges/family rooms, massive double height hall, stairs and landing It is all new plaster work & new woodwork. They have just spent well in excess of £300K on the build, personally I think he’s about halfway there with his decorating budget 🤷‍♂️

I spent my time with the client, walked round, advised on products and finish, all the usual guff. They want wanted different colours for each room, feature walls etc. As mentioned, they made it clear everything had to be to a very high standard (no issues there). Typed up my quote along with my spec and emailed it over.

This is what I got back,

“Hi John, thanks for getting back to us… I think we going to have to leave it due to the cost. I had a budget of £5000 to £6000 max. I still need to buy paints on top of that too… I was going to pay in cash so there no vat involved. But I do u understand you have to do your pricing according to the job….”


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Another Dreamer – Decorating quote