An Introduction to Subbie


First things first – A big hello and shout out to everyone reading this!


So where to start? Well, I will tell you a little about myself – I’m James the founder of Subby Hub, and a chippie by trade.


I started Subby Hub 4 years ago not because I feel it’s something that we as the trade need but something we deserve. We all know that we are at the bottom of a very long ladder and let’s face it the majority of the time we don’t get the support that we deserve!


That all stops now! Subby Hub is an online platform that gives you the support, advice, and savings that you deserve. I want to move away from the standard tools and workwear offerings and really look at how we can deliver key on and off-site support to all our members in the trade.


By that I mean looking at the products and services that don’t always come easy to us being in the trade – Insurances, Mortgages, Pensions, training are all things that if we were in a PAYE job role would be very straight forward, but for us, they are not. And don’t panic Subby Hub isn’t just another price comparison website, we only work with one specific partner per product/service to guarantee the best service and prices for our members.


So, let’s take a quick look at the areas Subby Hub will support you:


  • Mental Health Support
  • Tax Returns
  • Pension Plans
  • Legal Support
  • Specialist Mortgage advisors
  • Insurances – Van, Car, Public Liability, Toolbox and more
  • Vehicles
  • Fuel Cards
  • Accommodation
  • Mobile Phones
  • E-learning/Training
  • Utilities – Home energy bills etc


All of this support can be accessed for FREE via the Subby Hub Dashboard, and don’t worry there is so much more to come for our members!


All of our members are getting issued with FREE fuel cards the minute they join, so whether you want to save on diesel for your van or maybe your partners car it’s all ready to go.


So, come and join us for FREE today!




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