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Almost half (45%) of painters and decorators have suffered with their mental wellbeing

Almost half (45%) of painters and decorators have suffered with their mental wellbeing, according to new research from Dulux Decorator Centre

However, worryingly, a fifth of those affected suffered in silence

May 2023: More than three quarters (78%) of painters and decorators think maintaining mental wellbeing is more of a challenge than before the pandemic, according to the latest industry research. The findings are being released as part of Dulux Decorator Centre’s ‘Together, we roll’ report which aims to provide a pulse check of the UK decorating industry by surveying over 500 Dulux Decorator Centre customers on topics such as wellbeing, sustainability, diversity, recruitment and skills.


Other key findings from the report include:


    Almost half (48%) of those who experienced mental health difficulties said it was in the past two years

    While many were able to seek some form of help and support for their mental health difficulties, worryingly, over a fifth (22%) said they did nothing about it

More than two thirds (67%) of those affected sought help by speaking to people close to them: 40% spoke to their partners or spouses and 27% confided in friends or colleagues.

The research is being released against the backdrop of a challenging few years with the Covid-19 pandemic, cost-of-living crisis and labour shortages all taking their toll. Indeed, 96% of those surveyed were concerned about the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on their business. Added to this, 39% said they were working more since the pandemic and 35% are busier than ever before in their career. While this may be a positive sign for the industry overall, it is also likely having an impact on people’s wellbeing with heavy workloads often leading to added pressure, stress and poor sleep.

Guy Butterworth, Managing Director, Dulux Decorator Centre, comments: “We know that mental health is a major concern for those working in the industry and worryingly a high proportion of those affected do not feel able to access support. At Dulux Decorator Centre, we pride ourselves on being centred on our customers’ needs, taking the time to listen and learn about the issues impacting decorators in the current climate.  We recognise the challenges facing many in the trade and we want to encourage more open conversations in the industry about how people are affected by their mental health. That is why we have partnered with Rainy Day Trust to ensure our customers facing financial or mental health issues can access the support, help and training support they need.”

The Rainy Day Trust is the only charity in the UK centred around helping those who have worked in the home improvement and enhancement industry who have fallen on hard times. Its confidential help ranges from financial assistance and finding legal support, to practical support for apprenticeships and funding for training opportunities. Crucially in the current climate, it also offers a telephone counselling service to those looking for a listening ear, as well as a fuel poverty help package for people struggling to keep on top of their bills.

Open conversation and being honest about mental health have a huge part to play in alleviating some of the problems out there today. Dulux Decorator Centre colleagues have conversations with customers every day and as part of the partnership, they are now being educated on the benefits of the charity and how it can be of support to those customers who may need it. Awareness of the charity will also be raised to customers with information on the services they provide being readily available on the Dulux Decorator Centre website, across their communications to customers and in-stores.

In addition to this collaboration, there are a number of initiatives Dulux Decorator Centre also provide to help customers in need of support.

“In addition to working with the Rainy Day Trust, we want to help by offering as much general support as possible to address some of the everyday factors which can contribute to people’s wellbeing at work,” explains Guy Butterworth. “Our Dulux Decorator Centre Workfinder supports those concerned about job security, lack of work and a high workload by bringing together customers who have painting and decorating jobs they need support on, with tradespeople looking for job opportunities. Additionally, we work to help maximise decorators’ time by offering a one-stop-shop range in store or online; free delivery and collection options to work around you, and our website – where you can manage your account and order products 24/7.”

For more details on the research and information about the other topics explored as part of the report, please visit:

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