AllWay 4 in 1 composite shockproof screwdriver review


The only screwdriver a decorator needs, with interchangeable drill bits and shockproof design, this screwdriver is great for every job around the work site


Interchangeable drill bits

Quick delivery and a decent price from PLASTI DIP

Good concept

Shockproof Design



Drill bits aren’t very strong

The AllWay 4 in 1 composite shockproof screwdriver is a well thought out bit of kit, I almost always have mine on me when at work for the smaller jobs I wouldn’t need an impact driver for.

The only real issue I could find with the screwdriver was the quality of the drill bits. I think this is down to trying to produce the tool at a competitive rate. That being said, I changed the bits to ones that suited my needs better.

Interchanging the drill bits is super-fast and easy. Included in this great design is a magnet to hold screws to the drill bits when you are using them. Due to the ergonomic and shockproof design, everything feels comfortable and sturdy. Delivery from PLASTI DIP was fast and efficient and for the price of it you really can’t go wrong.

Fibreglass reinforced nylon construction, electrically safe, UL tested 2000 volts. Rare earth magnet retains both bits and screws, includes 2 Philips and 2 slotted standard power bits, all are retained in handle.

I conclude that this is a great bit of kit and would highly recommend getting one if you haven’t already.


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